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 Armando's Commandos

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PostSubject: Armando's Commandos   Armando's Commandos I_icon_minitime19th February 2015, 3:19 am

Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Sergei Dragunov

#1 The Race for Legion

The scene fade on a fighter's jet soaring through the sky of Isafaro. We cut to the inside where Madeira, Kragen, Aminee, Deadpool, and Meryl are sitting down while Armando walks back and forth between them.

Armando: All right, Commandos, we have our orders. We're to go in, locate the research facility in the area, and rescue any civilians we can find. If you have any questions, ask them now. We'll be arriving soon.

Deadpool: Raises hand

Armando: Questions about the assignment.

Deadpool: Lowers hand

Aminee: What are we looking for exactly?

Armando: Vulture was doing experiments on a little girl in this sector. She got loose and flooded the entire area in blood. Tori and the rest of us were lucky to get out of there alive.

Kragen: Some more than others.

Meryl: How is that possible?

Armando: That's what Imai wants us to find out. Looks out the window We're here. Turns to the camera Commandos! Move out!

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

We open up on Armando and the rest of his squad jumping out of the jets, parachutes coming out of their backpacks as they landed on top of a building's rooftop, looking down to see the blood all over the city

Meryl: How could one child do something like this?

Kragen: Bleed.

Armando: Stay on your guard! That child is capable of abilities we can only imagine, so there's no telling what her presence did to this place. We'll have two teams. Kragen, you lead Aminee and Meryl to find survivors, the rest of us will find the research facility and see what we can learn about the Vulture's experiments.

Kragen: Nods and sets off with Aminee and Meryl

Deadpool: What!? You let the old guy run off with the hot chicks?

Armando and Madeira glance at each other and then walks off with Deadpool trailing close behind.

Deadpool: You know, Boss, I've been thinking, and you know, a commando is someone who blows moon turds up. So...

Armando: So?

Deadpool: When do we blow moon turds up?

Armando: Soon.

Deadpool: How soon?

A Vulture chopper flies over their heads

Armando: Real soon.

Cut to: Kragen's Team

Kragen, Aminee, and Meryl zipline from one rooftop to the other searching for survivors when they see the Vulture's helicopter fly over them

Meryl: Vulture.

Aminee: What could they want?

Kragen: The same thing we do.

The helicopter lands two buildings away from Kragen. Kragen, Aminee, and Meryl hides behind the obstacles on the rooftop and peers around them to watch the Vulture troops

Kragen: Binoculars.

Meryl: Takes out her binoculars and gets a closer look at the soldiers. She sees the common Vulture foot soldiers, and then the face of Sergei Dragunov Dragunov!

Aminee: Who?

Meryl: One of Vulture's higher ups. Known as the White Angel of Death. He's extremely dangerous closeup and a master of the Commando Sambo style.

Aminee: Commando Sambo?

Kragen: Irony.

Meryl: They must be here for the files in the research facility. We can't let them make it there.

Kragen: Draws his 50 caliber sniper rifle and aims it at Sergei's head and fires

Sergei: Hears the gunshot and instantly spins out of the path of the bullet. Looking in the direction it came from he motions for his men to go after them

Aminee: So much for that idea.

Aminee comes out of hiding and starts firing at the approaching troops with her twin pistols. Meryl follows her firing from the Desert Eagle while Kragen switches to his HK assault rifle. Sergei watches the firefight and then proceeds to the research facility

Cut to: Armando's Team

Armando, Madeira, and Deadpool get closer to the research facility. On the way, Madeira sees some people stuck on the rooftop across from them, calling out for help

Madeira: There are people over there.

Armando: Our top priority are the files. Leave the rescue to Kragen's team.

The three finally make it to the research facility and rigs part of the roof to blow. They look down through the hole to see it drench in blood

Armando: Looks like we'll have to swim.

Deadpool: Leave it to me. I was my high school swim team's champ five years running!

Madeira: Five?

Armando: I need you here to stand guard in case any of those Vulture troops catch up to us.

Deadpool: Holds out his dual pistols Leave it to me.

Armando and Madeira dive into the blood below and begin swimming in search for the files on Legion. Madeira freaks out when she sees a corpse floating under the blood, but keeps following Armando. The eyes of the corpse opens up and chase the two, grabbing Madeira by the foot. Madeira turns to see the man and tries to kick him off. The man's mouth opening up to reveal a monstrous jaw and razor sharp teeth.

Cut to: Kragen's Team

Aminee: Fires off more shots from the twin pistols and returns to cover These guys can't aim for moon turds.

Meryl: Lucky us. Gets out of cover and fires off two shots, hitting one Vulture soldier in the chest and head killing him before returning behind cover

Kragen: Fires his gun without even looking, pummeling one Vulture troop with bullets

Aminee: He's good. Think he looks as good as he aims?

Meryl: I'm done dating older men.

Kragen, Aminee, and Meryl sees a grenade land on their rooftop

Aminee: moon turds!

The three makes a run for it, the grenade going off and the blast sending them to the ledge of the building. They fall off the ledge and hangs on for dear life as the blood waits to devour them from below.

Cut to: Research Facility

Madeira: Repeatedly kicks the man in the face to get him off her

Armando: Aims his gun arm at the creature, firing off several shots that slowly move through the blood and pierce the creature's body

Madeira: Sees another one sneaking up on Armando and warns him with her hands and face

Armando: Turns around in time to catch the beast swiping at him with his claw, holding it back and slamming his gun arm into the creature's head and throwing him into the direction of Madeira

Madeira: Charges up electricity through the strings of her guitar and hurls it into the creature electrocuting it to death

Cut to: Research Facility Roof

Deadpool: Pacing back and forth swinging his Katanas around This is boring!

Sergei: Lands on the rooftop and tightens his gloves as he looks at Deadpool

Deadpool: Turns around to see Sergei Hey, it's the Tekken guy! Hi, Tekken guy! What brings you here?

Sergei: Enters his fighting stance

Deadpool: You want a fight, eh? One on one, mano a mano. En garde! Rushes Sergei swinging both his swords at him

Sergei: Advances forward, grabbing Deadpool's wrist and twisting his arm backwards while moving to his side, forcing one sword down to the ground as he kicks the other one out of Deadpool's hand. He grabs more of the arm and twists it back further in an attempt to break it

Deadpool: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Gotta reach the ropes! Stretches his hand out through thin air Oh, yeah. Stomps on Sergei's foot to break the hold and spins around, his pistols out and firing at Sergei in point blank range

Sergei: Holds his arms in front of his face, the bullets piercing his arms and making him bleed, but he continues on, slamming the arms into Deadpool's head to knock him down, not showing any pain on his face

Deadpool: Rolls over, grabs his Katana, gets up and strikes Sergei with the sharp and blunt end of his sword knocking him backwards on the roof

Sergei: Grab Deadpool's head with his palm and begin to crush it, pulling off Deadpool's mask and revealing the ugly face made possible by a terrible disease

Deadpool: Send the children to bed early! Snatch his mask back from Sergei and puts it back on That is not okay for the world premiere.

Cut to: Kragen's Team

Kragen, Aminee, and Meryl begin to pulls themselves up while the remaining Vulture troops close in with their weapons on them

Aminee: Smiles You wouldn't shoot a lady, would you?

The Vulture soldiers start firing forcing the three to hang off the ledge of the building to avoid the bullets

Aminee: I guess they would.

Kragen: Hangs on with one hand, using the other to draw his HK pistol and shoots at the shoulders over the ledge of the building forcing them back Now!

Aminee squeezes the ledge of the building with her hands, pushing herself up into a jump, drawing her pistols midair and firing at the soldiers from above. Meryl climbs up to the top and slice the throat of one of the soldiers with her knife. The other troops fall to Aminee's bullets by the time she lands on the roof and Kragen gets up to his feet.

Aminee: I think that went well. What do you guys think?

Meryl: Wipes the blood off her knife and replies sarcastically Yeah, it went swimmingly.

Kragen: Over there.

The three turn to see the people stuck on the roofs of their homes and heads out to save them

Cut to: Research Facility

Armando and Madeira continues to swim through the facility. They come up to a door, and Armando uses his strength to pull it open. Madeira hurling strings of electricity at the beasts that attacks them allowing Armando to break through and find a file with the name “Legion” on the front of it. He takes the file and the two swims back up to the top. Armando passes the file to Made, and Made gets up to the roof.

Madeira: We have the file!

Sergei: Snatches the file from Madeira's hand. Nods at her and then stomps her head in sending her back down into the blood before walking away.

Armando: Sees Made is hurt and grabs her, getting them both back up to the surface as he sees Sergei.

The Vulture helicopter flies over their heads and Sergei grabs the bottom of it, allowing the chopper to carry him off.

Deadpool: Is on the ground seeing stars

Armando: Pulls Madeira up to the roof and then stands up, running towards the ledge to see the helicopter getting away. He aims his gun arm at the chopper and starts firing with all his might, but the helicopter is already too far gone for his bullets to reach. He turns around to check on Made and then looks at Deadpool Wade!

Deadpool: Yes, sir?

Armando: What the hell happened?

Deadpool: Stands up and acts things out Well, you see, I was standing vigilant in the night when this Tekken character appeared and started using his 'mixed martial arts' though it was more like professional wrestling to me, and after having him on the ropes he came back with his last resort, and knocked me out, but next time, next time will be a different story! I have a comic book, a video game, and a movie coming out. I will not stand for this!

Armando: That man was Sergei  Dragunov. You're lucky to be alive.

Deadpool: It's hard to die when you can heal, and when you're awesome! Poses

Armando: Help me get Made up to her feet.

Deadpool: Yes, let us assist the beautiful fallen maiden! Is she eighteen yet?

Armando: Even if she was she'd never go out with you. Now pull!

Armando and Deadpool get Madeira up to her feet and heads back to the chopper.

Cut to: Resistance Chopper

Kragen, Aminee, and Meryl see the civilians into the helicopter.

Meryl: You'll be safe now.

Armando and Deadpool make it to the chopper with Madeira who was starting to come to

Meryl: What happened?

Armando: We were ambushed by Vulture.

Kragen: Dragunov.

Armando: Yeah.

Deadpool: I scared him off and saved the beautiful young maiden!

Armando: Stares at Deadpool

Deadpool: Armando helped.

Aminee: And the file?

Armando: Sergei has it.

Aminee: Sarcasm Great, so much for that plan.

Madeira: I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

Armando: No! None of it is your fault, or anyone's fault. We've been dealt with a setback. We'll get that file back and return it to Imai.

Kragen: How?

Meryl: Sergei would return to General Vulture inside the Core. The place is impenetrable.

Armando: Maybe to soldiers. Looks at Aminee But not to entertainers.

Aminee: Raises an eyebrow in intrigue before the scene fade to black



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PostSubject: Re: Armando's Commandos   Armando's Commandos I_icon_minitime26th February 2015, 8:14 am

Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Imai Katayo
Logan S. Gunn
General Vulture
Alexander Kross
Revolver Ocelot
Sergei Dragunov
Carari Grey
Drake White
Ayanna Kaktas
Zach Tigerson

#2 Who Taught You How To Kill?

We open up in the Core of Isafaro located in Sector Seven. We see General Vulture sitting behind his desk in his office when Sergei enters the room. He walks towards the desk and drops the file with the name “Legion” on his desk. Vulture opens the file and flips through the pages.

General Vulture: Very good, Sergei. It's nice to have competence return to my command. With Dr. Harlan's files we'll be able to make many more like Legion. Speaking of which, Alexander! Where is Legion at currently?

Alexander: Looking over Legion's whereabouts on the Illuminati Legion is making her way through Sector Eleven. Slowly.

General Vulture: She's taking her time, testing her limits before facing the real threat. Just like a Vulture.

Alexander: We still need to talk about what to do with her. If she makes her way to the Core–

General Vulture: Sergei will make her wish she's never been born.

Alexander: I think she already wishes that.

The door to the office opens and Carari comes in with Vulture guards.

Carari: General, it's been too long.

General Vulture: Carari Grey. To what do I owe the honor of this visit?

Carari: Do I need a reason to visit my favorite General?

General Vulture: You are not a woman to waste your time with casual visits.

Carari: True. I do have a business to run.

General Vulture: Then get to the point.

Carari: You and your men have been awfully busy dealing with the Resistance, Jherrazad, Hallowton, that I thought you and your men could use a little R and R, and I have the perfect entertainment planned. Aminee Starlight wants to perform for you and your men.

Alexander: The Pop Idol?

Carari: My crowning achievement. I helped put her on the map, and she put Carari Incorporated on the map. Win, win.

General Vulture: Where?

Carari: Wherever you want it to be. Right here in the Core, if you so desired.

Alexander: Why would Aminee want to perform here? The people hate the Vulture, it'd be career suicide.

Carari: That's what I said, but she loves her General so much she insists on performing live for him. Free of charge, of course.

General Vulture: Tell your client that I would be more than happy to welcome her in the presence of real men.

Carari: I'll make the preparations now.

Carari takes her leave with the guards who came in with her.

Alexander: We're in the middle of fighting three wars, one on our own soil, and you're inviting Pop Stars to our base?

General Vulture: Alexander, you are a scientist. Does this situation concern science?

Alexander: No.

General Vulture: Then shut up!

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

We enter the Resistance Base where Drake, Ayanna, and Zach are on their way to the prison cells.

Drake: Whistles to Madeira Hey, baby! How would you like your cherry popped? Come visit me sometime.

Madeira: Looks at him in disgust

Ayanna: Drake, shut up!

Drake: Hey, Meryl! Hey! Don't look away from me I could recognize that ass anywhere. How's your dad? I've seen that hot piece of ass he's banging at home. What I wouldn't give to–!

Meryl: Storms up to Drake and punches him in the face

Drake: Falls down on his ass Whew! Still feisty.

Meryl: Go to hell!

Resistance Soldier: That's enough out of you!

The Resistance Soldier picks Drake up and carries him off with the others. We cut to Imai's office where Imai, Logan, and Armando are talking.

Imai: You're talking about infiltrating the Core. The most dangerous place in all of Isafaro. It'd be a suicide mission!

Armando: For one reason or another Vulture doesn't know that Aminee is with us yet. We can use that to our advantage. She goes in, gets the file, and gets out.

Logan: Are we sure that's all we want her to do?

Armando: What do you mean?

Logan: If she's going to be that close to the Vulture, now might be our best chance at taking him out.

Armando: No. If Aminee kills General Vulture she'll never be able to get out of there alive.

Logan: Isn't that worth the risk if it means ending the war?

Armando: A guy like Vulture is going to have a chain of command. Kill him and the next man in line will just take his place.

Imai: I agree with Armando. However, while she's in there she may be able to point out the other men in the chain of command. Give us their names and faces so we know who to target for later.

Armando: Sounds good.

Imai: But I don't want her going in there alone.

Armando: Don't worry. I already have that covered.

Cut to: Resistance Base First Floor

Deadpool: Hi, Ami! Guess what? I'm your entourage! Gets down on one knee and holds up flowers to Aminee Aminee, oh, Aminee, why art thou so awesome?

Aminee: Stares at Deadpool blankly and then walks away

Madeira: Walks over to Aminee Do promise me you'll be careful. You're going to be surrounded by a lot of dangerous people in there.

Aminee: All I have to do is sing, dance, and shake my ass. Don't worry, hon, this is what I do.

Madeira: And that works?

Aminee: Oh, Made. Sweet, sweet, innocent Made. I have so much to teach you. Lesson One: the fastest way to a man's heart is through his chibi.

Madeira: That sounds incredibly painful.

Logan: Approaches the group Aminee, can I talk to you for a minute?

Aminee and Logan walks to somewhere private.

Aminee: You come to tell me to be careful, too?

Logan: No. I've come here to give you this. Hands Aminee a knife

Aminee: Takes knife What am I supposed to do with this?

Logan: You're going to be close to the Vulture. Closer than any of us has ever been. If you get the chance, you kill him.

Aminee: Are these Imai's orders as well?

Logan: Yes.

Aminee: Well, that would certainly save my career. The woman who killed General Vulture. I like the sound of that.

Logan: Be careful.

Aminee: Where's the fun in that?

Cut to: Limousine

Aminee and Deadpool are sitting in the back of the limo. Deadpool is wearing all black complete with a mask to hide his identity, and Aminee is wearing a brown coat.

Aminee: Now, here's the plan, while I'm entertaining the Vulture's crew, you sneak out and start looking for those files. Once you have them we get out and act like nothing happened, do you understand?

Deadpool: You mean, I don't get to see the show?

Aminee: Wade...

Deadpool: Yeah, yeah. Grab the files and get out. Got it.

The limo stops.

Aminee: Time to start the show.

Aminee and Deadpool exit the limo to red carpet and flashes of cameras' lights all around them as they make their way for the Core. Deadpool stops to pose for all the different camera shots while Aminee walks on not paying any attention to the crowd. We cut to the top floor where Vulture, Ocelot, Sergei, Alexander, Carari, and several of the Vulture's troops are waiting, most of them sitting down while Ocelot and Sergei remains standing. Aminee walks up to the center of the room so all the Vulture troops can see her. Whistles and dog calls coming all around as she looks at General Vulture.

General Vulture: Welcome to the Core, Ms Starlight. It is a pleasure to have you with us.

Aminee: Please, call me Aminee, and the pleasure is all mine. Starts to unbutton the top two buttons on her coat I'm sure you boys don't mind if I make myself a little more comfort?

The soldiers cheer loudly.

Aminee: I didn't think so. Signals for her music to play

Deadpool: Click play on the CD player

Aminee: The music begins playing as Aminee moves her hips back and forth, letting her hair wave around her head as she gets into the mood. You're like a drop of acid ring. You're melting my flesh, running through my veins. My body feels like it's in a cold, somehow I lost my self control. You got me hot, you got me off! Damn it's so hot I'm tearing my clothes off! Starts pulling her coat off You took it deep! You took it there! I want know know! Throws her coat off to reveal the clothes on underneath Who taught you how to chibi? Who taught you how to please? Turns around and shakes her ass Who gave you the secret to bring a woman to her knees? Spins around and starts facing General Vulture I'm caught up. But sure, sure enough. Did you read a book about the kamasutra? Who taught you how to chibi?

General Vulture attention is only on Aminee, Ocelot didn't care for the performance, Sergei only looks on indifferent, Alexander's eyes widen at the sight, and Carari moves her head slightly back and forth to the music. Deadpool starts to sneak out while Aminee is distracting them.

Deadpool: Time to be stealthy!

Aminee: Gets on her hands and knees crawling towards Vulture You're like a mystic cold shower. Pouring your light in my flower. Creating a haven in my soul. Rolls on her back looking at the General upside down If I ever be able to let you go.

Aminee gets up to her feet and walks over to Vulture, but she's stop by the guards. Vulture wave them off and they move out of the way allowing Aminee to sit on his lap and start grinding against him You got me hot, you got me off! Damn it's so hot I'm tearing my clothes off! You took it deep! You took it there! I want know know! Who taught you how to chibi? Who taught you how to please? Whispers in Vulture's ear Who gave you the secret to bring a woman to her knees? Pulls back, turning around on his lap running her back down him I'm caught up. But sure, sure enough. Did you read a book about the kamasutra? Moves back around to her front Who taught you how to chibi?

Cut to: The Core Labs

Deadpool: Peeks his head into the lab If I were an evil scientist, where would I put my files on the evil ghost child? Deadpool jumps into the room and starts trashing the place looking for the files. He finds some chemicals and starts breaking the vials What do these do? One loud explosion later he turns into the Hulk DEADPOOL SMASH! A second explosion turns him back to normal. Rubs his head Man, could you imagine the Hulk with a healing factor? The madder Deadpool gets, the faster he... heals... Sees the Legion file sitting on the table on the other side of the room Eureka! Runs over to it and grabs it Where have you been all my life? Flips through the pages We have taken the DNA of demons – Blah, blah, blah! Multiple thoughts running through her mind all at once – Yada, yada, yada! Today we tested Legion – all caps – against the Shock Troops of the unit Plague – once again all caps – their brains exploded from inside their skulls... There are no words in the English Dictionary to describe what it is we've accomplished here toady. Not only have we created a weapon of overwhelming power, we have given the Ancients a face. Blasphemy! Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

Deadpool disappears and then gets real close to the screen.

Deadpool: There you go, DoA members. I hope you've enjoyed your site reference so you can feel special for two lousy seconds. The poor saps at the other forums Tori posts this on aren't going to know what the hell I'm talking about. Hears soldiers starting to rush towards the labs. Uh oh! Gotta run! Flees

Cut to: The Core Top Floor

General Vulture takes Aminee into his arm, Aminee wrapping her arm over his shoulder while he has his over her waist, hand down on her ass as they walk

General Vulture: Aminee and I will be moving this party elsewhere. The rest of you back to work.

Vulture and Aminee enters his private bed chambers. Immediately embracing each other in a deep, passionate kiss against the wall before moving towards the bed. Aminee removes his shirt, exposing his bare chest, and removing the hat from his head. They fall on the bed, Aminee straddling the General and kissing up and down his chest, playing with his neck and kissing his lips some more. She starts, smiling at the General. The General smiles back, watching Aminee go down to undo his belt and jeans, pulling them down and moving back up to his chest. Aminee's hand slips downward, taking out the knife. Vulture closes his eyes, enjoying Aminee's touch as she brings the knife up and aims it for Vulture's heart. Vulture catches it right before it could penetrate his heart and opens his eyes to look at Aminee.

General Vulture: Big mistake.

Sergei: Grabs Aminee from behind and drags her off the bed

General Vulture: Get her out of my sight. I grow bored of her.

Aminee spits in Vulture's face before Sergei drags her out of the room. Vulture wipes the spit off of his face. The camera switches back to the top floor where Deadpool is looking around for Aminee.

Deadpool: Where Ami go? Hey! Ami! Where are you?

Deadpool sees Sergei coming out with Aminee in hand.

Aminee: Wade, get out of here!

Sergei signals for the soldiers to attack. They get up and starts shooting at Deadpool who starts repelling bullets with his Katana blades. The soldiers start firing explosive rounds destroying the blades as soon as they come into contact with it.

Deadpool: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gets down on his knees and cradle the swords in his arms Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Mama gonna buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird don't sing, Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring. Sobs. Stands up and starts shooting all the Vulture's guys with his guns while running through the floors and jumping out the window I can do this! All I have to do is not look down and I'll keep running back to home base! Falls down hitting the ground hard. Slowly pulls himself up from the pavement to find tanks all around him Oh boy.

Deadpool gets shot to hell by the tanks, but after they finish firing Deadpool, most of his outfit gone showing his hideous form, gets on top of one of the tanks, open the cockpit and pulls out the driver inside.

Deadpool: Mind if I steal this? Tosses him aside and gets in the tank That's a sport! Let's see what this baby can do! Starts firing the tank's main gun, grenades, missiles, and laser beams Is there anything this thing can't do? Starts teleporting The tank can teleport! Teleports around the base WOOHOO! Finds the turbo switch and flips it on Switch into turbo Blasts off at high speeds and escapes the Core

Cut to: The Core Top Floor

Ocelot: Approaches Sergei who is holding Aminee Take her to the interrogation room. I'm going to have some fun with her.

Aminee: Struggles as they carry her away



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PostSubject: Re: Armando's Commandos   Armando's Commandos I_icon_minitime5th March 2015, 8:24 pm

Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Imai Katayo
Logan S. Gunn
Peter Fargason
General Vulture
Revolver Ocelot
Sergei Dragunov
Wedge Antilles

#3 From All Sides

The scenes fade in on a pair of lights looking down at Aminee's place on the torture device. Restraints holding her to the device as she tries to break free, voices sounding off over head getting closer and closer.

General Vulture: It's a shame. A beauty like this? She could have had the whole world eating out of the palm of her hand. Instead she chose to lie with the dogs.

Ocelot: Anything to sell another record.

The device stands up, and Aminee finds herself face to face with General Vulture, Ocelot, and Sergei. Vulture approaches Aminee, looking into her eyes as his hand caress her cheek. She turns her head away from him as best she could, showing only disgust by the sight of him.

General Vulture: You don't know what you're missing.

Aminee: I think I have a fairly good idea.

General Vulture: I don't need to know why the Resistance sent you to kill me. That much is obvious. What I am curious about is the Resistance's sudden interest in the Legion project. If you think the report is going to hold the secrets to beat her, then you're wrong. And I know Imai isn't the type to experiment on people, being an experiment herself.

Aminee: I'm not telling you anything.

General Vulture: I didn't think you would, but my friend here knows plenty of ways to get you squealing like a pig. I'll see you again, when you've decided you want to talk.

Vulture and Sergei leaves the room while Ocelot steps up to the control panel.

Ocelot: That was quite the performance you put on for the soldiers.

Aminee: Really? You didn't look very impressed.

Ocelot: I mean having them believe they actually had a fan amongst the civilians and celebrities who despise them. Many of them would have gladly threw the other under the bus for a chance to lay in bed with you, and you made them watch you take off with the General. A lesser man would have been pierced by that knife on your person. He would have died right there in bed naked, but not Vulture. He's hated by too many people to ever let his guard down. Even in moments of pleasure.

Aminee: If you love him so much why don't you marry him?

Ocelot: Not one for small talk, I see.

Aminee: Not with you.

Ocelot: Then let's cut to the chase. Why do the Resistance want Legion's report? What's their plans regarding Hallowton and Hellsing?

Aminee: Blow me.

Ocelot: I'm afraid you're not my type. This device sends several dozen volts of electricity all throughout your body. If it's just for a short time it won't kill you. Should the author see it fit to kill you here, you won't be brought back to life. All right, let's get started.

Ocelot activates the machine, and in seconds the whole machine is flowing with electricity, electrocuting and causing her to look up into the air screaming in pain.

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

Armando punches the desk in Imai's office.

Armando: Which one of you gave the order?

Logan: You need to calm down.

Armando: Aminee was instructed by me to get in, distract the guards and get out while Wade got the file. She wouldn't have tried to kill Vulture unless one of you gave her a direct order. Who was it?!

Imai: You have the file?

Deadpool: Right here, madam!

Armando: Hold it, Wade. No one is seeing that file until I get some answers.

Imai: I didn't give her the order!

Logan: Neither did I.

Armando: I don't believe that for one second.

Logan: I told her to be careful, and she asked “where's the fun in that?” If you ask me Ami had this planned from the start. She was always arrogant in everything she did.

Armando: So, you did talk to her.

Madeira: Stop it! All of this fighting isn't going to bring Aminee back!

Meryl: If we start turning on each other now then the Vulture has already won.

Imai: The file.

Armando signals for Deadpool to give Imai the file. He puts it on the table and Imai looks it over.

Imai: According to this the child is capable of telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and necromancy.

Armando: That would explain where those zombies came from when Sector Twelve was flooded.

Kragen: And Tori's visions.

Imai: They collected DNA samples from multiple demons and transferred it into her body. This resulted in her being able to hear thousands, and thousands screaming souls, that's why they called her Legion.

Madeira: I don't understand. Why would she be hearing voices?

Kragen: Stolen lives.

Imai: Vampires believe that blood is the currency of the soul. If you take a person's blood into yourself, you take their essence. To think she was only eight years old when they experimented on her. She must have been so scared.

Meryl: Those bastards!

Logan: Our intelligence places her in Sector Eleven. The sector has already been closed off and evacuated by the Vulture, but there are still people trapped in the city. We need to save them and do what we can to stop that thing before it gets any further into Isafaro.

The door slides open and Peter enters the room.

Peter: We have another problem as well. Bane has been spotted in Sector Three with an army of highly skilled mercenaries getting closer to Sector Four.

Kragen: Bane...

Madeira: We're being hit by all sides here.

Imai: Legion is still pretty far from us, we should take care of the situation in our backyard first. We need more time to study up on Legion, anyhow. Armando–

Armando: Aminee is still in the Core. We have to go get her.

Imai: Armando, I know how you feel, but the Core is impenetrable. Aminee was our only shot to get in and now that's gone. Breaking into the Core to get her back is a suicide mission.

Armando: You want me to just leave her there?

Imai: No, I want you to think of the majority instead of one member of your squad. If Bane makes it to us nothing else we do will matter. You saw first hand what he did in Hallowton, I don't want that happening here. Aminee is a strong woman, she'll hold out as long as it takes for us to rescue her.

Armando: You better be right. Looks at Logan before leaving the office with his team.

Meryl: Sarcasm That went well.

Deadpool: You kidding? Tori and Gabrielle's crossover fight had less hostility.

Meryl: I see sarcasm isn't your strongest suit.

Deadpool: I make up for it with MAD SKILLZ!

Meryl: Did you just say skill with a Z?

Madeira: Looks at Armando What's our next step?

Armando: We make sure Bane doesn't get to Sector Four. Get your equipment ready, we head out in fifteen minutes.

Cut to: The Core Torture Room

The electricity fade out, and Ocelot walks up to Aminee.

Ocelot: You're tougher than you look.

Aminee: Breathing heavy Sorry to disappoint you.

Ocelot: I'm curious, what makes a successful Pop Idol decide to turn traitor to her own country?

Aminee: I figured “chibi Vulture!” would sell more records.

Ocelot: I wonder how well your manager would hold up if we were to get her in here.

Aminee: Carari had nothing to do with this.

Ocelot: Maybe not, but a woman like that? She's bound to have a few secrets to share.

Aminee: Am I going to be a bastard when I'm your age?

Ocelot: With that mouth you won't see a single gray hair.

Aminee: Hallelujah!

Ocelot turns away from Aminee, two soldiers enter the torture room and knocks Aminee out. They unstrap her and drag her out of the room. Aminee wakes up later in a small cell with just a bed, toilet, and a sink. Aminee stands up, looking out the small window on the door to see the two guards on the other side with rifles in their hands. Aminee turns around and stretches.

Aminee: May as well make myself comfortable.

Cut to: Resistance Base

Armando makes it to the helicopter where the rest of his team is waiting.

Armando: Commandos, roll out! Sees Wedge Who are you?

Wedge: Salutes Wedge Antilles. I've been appointed as your new pilot.

Armando: How long you've been flying?

Wedge: All my life, sir.

Armando: Welcome aboard, Antilles. We can always use more experience behind that cockpit.

Wedge: You can call me Wedge.

The group enters the helicopter and Wedge sits in the cockpit.

Wedge: All you have to do is say the word.

Armando: All right, according to Commander Fargason, Bane was raised a prisoner in Sector Nine's maximum security prison living out his father's life sentence. He was also the only man to ever escape. He went under the radar and became a mercenary, becoming known both for his brute strength, and his intellect. Bane single-handedly matched wits with the likes of Hellsing and Devil May Cry, and he was the man who took Garrus' life.

Kragen: Closes his hand into a fist

Madeira: Notices Kragen's hand

Armando: Now he wants to come into our backyard and repeat what he did in Hallowton? He's going to have another thing coming. Wedge, get this baby in the air.

Wedge starts up the helicopter and they take off into the air for Sector Three.

Cut to: The Core Holding Cell

Aminee: Continues to exercise

Vulture Guard #1: Opens up the cell door Come on, Starlight. Ocelot wants you.

Aminee: Flirtatious Don't you boys want to have me to yourself first?

Vulture Guard #1: C'mere! Roughly grabs Aminee and drags her out of the holding cell

Aminee: Sarcasm The ladies must love you.

Vulture Guard #1: Shut up!

Aminee is put back on the torture device and the guards leave her alone with Ocelot.

Ocelot: How are you liking your new home?

Aminee: Hard bed, dirty toilet, lousy paint job on the walls, and there's hardly any clean water out of the sink.

Ocelot: We don't waste our resources on prisoners who won't be around long. It's still not too late to start answering my questions.

Aminee: Just get it over with. I could be stretching right now.

Ocelot: I don't think you understand your current situation, Ms. Starlight. You're locked up in the greatest military facility Jherra has ever seen. Your infiltrating the base was a fluke, a one in a lifetime chance that you blew the second you tried to take a knife to General Vulture's heart.

Aminee: Can you blame me?

Ocelot: There isn't going to be a rescue. Right now Commander Katayo is probably deciding what to do with the information she acquired. No leader worth their salt will send their men on a suicide mission to save one soldier.

Aminee: My friends will come for me.

Ocelot: Will they? How long have you known them? It couldn't have been too long given that you were just recently on tour. Your friend didn't hesitate to leave you behind.

Aminee: There was nothing he could do. No sense in both of us getting captured. I'm ready to die if that what it comes to.

Ocelot: Such a shame. Turns on the device

Aminee: Starts to scream

Ocelot: Ms. Grey has come to think of you like a daughter. It's a shame that her once great prized possession is shortening her lifespan for a lost cause. Stops the machine

Aminee: I'm nobody's possession.

Ocelot: Not one worth keeping, anyway.

Aminee: We'll beat you.

Ocelot: Victory or defeat, you won't be around to see it. Turns on the device again

Aminee: Cries out in agony as the voltage gets stronger

Ocelot: Turns off the device again Is it freedom you fight for? Justice? Or did the men at the Resistance make you an offer?

Aminee: chibi you!

Ocelot: Activates the device

Aminee: Screams louder from the pain

Ocelot: Would they show you the same courtesy if it were their lives on the line?

Aminee: You're wasting your time trying to get me to turn on them.

Ocelot: We'll see. Increase the voltage and the length of the session and turns on the device once more

Aminee: Passes out from the pain

Ocelot: Sleeping on the job?

Ocelot resumes the torture, waking Aminee up upon activation. He leaves the room, allowing the electricity to continue to soar through Aminee's body as her screams echo through the Core and the scene fade to black.



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Madeira Roberts
Meryl Silverburgh
Wedge Antilles
Urdnot Wrex

#4 Morlocks Massacre

The scene fade into Isafaro Sector Three. The Resistance chopper is circling the area seeing the chaos below as Bane's group engages the Vulture troops in the area.

Armando: How is it looking down there?

Meryl: Watching the battle through her binoculars at the open helicopter door They're fighting with the Vulture troops. Head shots only.

Armando: So they know about the virus. Of course, Bane is an intelligence specialist.

Meryl: They're armed with military weapons.

Madeira: Vulture's?

Armando: Not possible, all Vulture's weapons have an ID lock. Only the owners of the weapons can use it.

Meryl: Lowers the binoculars and looks back at Armando There are ways to override the ID lock on automatic weapons. Bane could have found himself a gun launderer.

Wedge: Captain, I don't want to rush you, but Vulture's drones are going to be in the area if we don't hurry.

Armando: All right, get us behind those buildings over there. We'll come down unseen and sneak up on the soldiers while they're fighting, then you get back to base. We'll take the sewers home. If my hunch is correct, Bane will be using the sewers system to get to Sector Four.

Wedge: I can hold off the drones, sir.

Armando: That's an order.

Wedge: Yes, sir.

The helicopter flies behind the buildings and Armando's crew parachutes down to the street. Wedge takes off, getting between the drones that came to blow him out of the sky and causing them to blow each other up on the way out. Back on the ground Armando and the others follow the sound of gunfire.

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

Armando: Stay out of sight. We'll let Bane's men and the Vulture kill each other while we search for Bane.

Deadpool: But I want to shoot these guys!

Armando: Finger off the trigger, Wade! We only engage them if we have no other choice.

Kragen: And Bane?

Armando: We take him out. It's payback time for Garrus.

Kragen: Lead the way.

Meryl: We can find him faster if we split up.

Armando: No. Bane's plan back in Hallowton was to divide and conquer. We stick together. No matter what.

Deadpool: Aww! You really do care.

Armando: Walks on ahead without a word

Madeira: Is there anything you say that doesn't piss people off?

Deadpool: Is it my fault that I get the best lines?

The scene cut to the battle between the mercenaries and the Vulture troops. The mercenaries open fire on the Vulture troops and quickly get behind cover before the Vulture soldiers can retaliate. A tank clears a path towards the mercs, firing its cannon at their cover destroying it, taking several of Bane's soldiers with it. The survivors throw a chaff grenade on the ground, taking out the tank's cannon momentarily as the mercs move back.

We see one mercenary hiding out in a building, aiming a large weapon at the tank down below. He fires once, and the shot begins to melt through the armor of the tank. He fires a couple more times, and the tank becomes scrap metal in a matter of seconds while the other mercenaries finish it off and advance towards the rest of the Vulture troops.

Deadpool: I want one of those!

Meryl: Keep your head down!

Armando locates the manhole and opens it up. The group enters and begins looking through the sewers for any sign of Bane. As they move closer to Sector Four, they start to find a trail of bodies. Kragen comes to a stop causing the rest of the group to look at him.

Armando: You know these men?

Kragen: Morlocks.

Deadpool: Please tell me their hot leader isn't dead.

Madeira: Who could have done this? Bane or the Vulture?

Meryl: Could be either. Vulture would have more than enough reason to wipe out leftover experiments.

Armando: Let's keep moving.

Cut to: Sewers Entrance

A couple of the mercs come up to see the open manhole.

Mercenary: Talks in his radio They took the bait, sir.

Cut to: Undisclosed Location

Bane: Good. Now make them regret their mistake.

The merc lights a match and then drops it into the sewage below, igniting it and causing a giant fireball to begin to chase Armando's group. Deadpool was the first one to notice it.

Deadpool: FIRE!

The others look behind them to see the fireball coming and immediately take off in a run.

Deadpool: Back to the family, a guaranteed emergency. The radical MC HP's got the melody.

Armando: Shut up, Wade!

The group continues to run away from the fireball, making a sharp turn to the left as the fireball runs on ahead.

Armando: Is everyone all right?

Madeira: I'm okay.

Kragen: Nods

Deadpool: Let me help you up, madam.

Meryl: chibi off!

Deadpool: Did you mean chibi on?

Meryl: Ugh.

Armando: Looks like they were expecting us. Let's not stick around to see what else they have in store.

Cut to: Sector Three Streets

Mercenary: Still talking through the radio It's done.

Bane: Do you have their bodies?

Mercenary: No.

Bane: Then do not assume it is finished until you have their burnt corpses in your hands.

Mercenary: Yes, Boss. Turns off radio Come on!

The two mercenaries enter the sewers.

Cut to: Morlocks Hideout

Armando and his crew finds the bodies of Annalee, Leech, Healer, Tar Baby, Erg, Ape, Sunder, Caliban, and Callisto at the Morlocks hideout. Armando kneels down next to Callisto and looks her over.

Deadpool: No! Not the hot one!

Meryl: This was a massacre.

Armando: But why go after the Morlocks? The Vulture left them unattended for all this time, so why go after them now?

Madeira: Maybe it wasn't the Vulture.

Kragen: Bane.

Armando: That still doesn't answer the question.

Deadpool: A distraction duh!

Armando: What?

Deadpool: What's the best way to get some goody-goody off your trail? Kill a bunch of innocent people and leave their bodies laying around.

Skids: Comes out of hiding and sneaks up on the group with a pistol in hand.

Meryl: As much as it disgusts me, I think Wade is right. This was just the decoy so Bane could get us off his scent.

Armando: He killed an entire group of people that had nothing to do with this war just as a decoy?!

Skids: Don't move!

The group turns to see Skids holding them at gunpoint.

Deadpool: Whoa, Skids, haven't seen you since When Worlds Collide episode three. How's it hanging?

Meryl: Do you ever shut up?

Deadpool: Not my style.

Skids: Are you working with Bane?

Armando: No. We're with the Isafaro Resistance. We're trying to stop Bane and his gang of thugs from doing anymore damage.

Skids: I don't believe you.

Armando: Maybe you'll believe him.

Kragen: Steps up in Skids' line of vision

Armando: He was here before with Tori and Garrus. Do you remember?

Skids: Yes. You brought those Vulture troops down to the sewers. Then they came, and killed everyone!

Armando: I'm sorry for your loss. You aren't the only one here who loss someone because of Bane, and you have my word that we're going to make the men who did this pay, but you need to put the gun down.

Skids: Drops the weapon

Madeira: How did you survive?

Kragen: Shields.

Madeira: What?

Skids: I have a deflection field that protects me. That how I was able to escape without any harm. It all happened so fast, I wasn't able to protect them!

Madeira: Don't blame yourself. Go to comfort Skids, but her hands are unable to touch her because of Skids' force field

Skids: Hugs herself and cries

The two mercenaries who are on their trail catches up and aims their weapons at the group.

Kragen: Over there!

Armando and the others see the mercenaries as they begin to fire. They quickly get out of the way of the bullets, Skids' shield helping to deflect some of the shots away from the group as they run. Meryl, Deadpool, Kragen, and Armando firing back at the mercenaries forcing them back behind cover.

Armando: Flush them out!

Kragen: Throws a grenade at the mercs

The mercenaries get out of cover before the grenade explodes. The two groups exchanges shots with one another, Deadpool getting hit several times in the head and chest only for his body to heal almost instantly as he keeps shooting at the mercs without a care in the world.

Deadpool: Having a healing factor rules!

Madeira: Uses the electricity from her guitar to magnetize the mercs bullets, hurling them back into the soldiers

Skids: Skates on the surface of her barrier and charges at the two, knocking them down to the ground with the bottom of her shield. She grabs one of them and begin punching him repeatedly in the face

Armando: Runs over to Skids Skids, that's enough! That's enough, Skids!

Skids: Looks back at Armando, letting the merc go, standing up and going over to the rest of the group

Armando: Picks the merc up and slams him into the wall

Meryl keeps the other merc at gunpoint to keep him from trying anything.

Armando: Where's Bane?

Mercenary: Says nothing

Armando: Slams him against the wall again Where's Bane?!

The group hears a beeping noise. Armando unbuttons the mercenary's shirt to find a bomb strap to his chest, counting down to zero.

Mercenary: BURN IN HELL!

Armando: RUN!

The group make a run for it as the mercenary explodes. The explosion threatening to consume them all, but in the moments to pass, they find themselves not harm by the explosion, looking to find that it's because of Skids shield.

Armando: Good work.

Skids: Thanks.

Meryl: We need to get back to the base.

Armando: Agreed. We already gave Bane too much time.

The group leaves the Morlocks hideout.

Cut to: Sector Four

Bane, Deathstroke, Wrex, HK-47, Aries, and April stands on a rooftop looking down at the Resistance base below. Bane's army marching towards the base with ground vehicles accompanying them before coming back on Bane's face, and the scene fade to black.



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Madeira Roberts
Meryl Silverburgh
Imai Katayo
Logan S. Gunn
Seras Victoria
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Peter Fargason
Wedge Antilles
Urdnot Wrex

#5 The Fire Rises

The scene opens up to a war zone in front of the Resistance base. We see the Resistance soldiers firing at Bane's mercenaries who crash through the front gate with arm vehicles and tanks. The Resistance tanks coming into action to counteract the tanks Bane stole from the Vulture. Deathstroke aims his sniper rifle at the Resistance soldiers down below, taking a few of them out while the battle below drowns out his bullet fire, and the rest of Bane's team closes in on the base.

Cut to: Resistance Base Top Floor

Imai, Logan, Peter, and Wedge meet up with each other in the hallway as more snipers run towards the roof of the building.

Imai: What's going on?

Logan: It's Bane. His troops made it to the base.

Imai: Where the hell is Armando?!

Peter: It's too late to worry about them. The enemy is at our front door.

Wedge: I can secure the aerial crafts with the other pilots, make sure we have an escape route if worse comes to worse.

Imai: Fargason, if we called Hallowton for help how long would reinforcement get here?

Peter: It depends entirely on who they send.

Imai: Contact them. I'm sure the good people of Hallowton would like to pay Bane back for destroying their city. Logan, secure the front entrance of the base. We need to make sure the gate is as far as they go.

Logan: On it.

Wedge: What about you, Commander?

Imai: I'm going to greet our guests.

Wedge: I wouldn't recommend that, ma'am. As Commander your place–

Imai: My place is making sure this base doesn't fall. You have your orders now go and carry them out.

Wedge: Yes, ma'am.

As the four separate, a blue energy charges up in Imai's hand as she marches towards the enemy.

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

Armando, Madeira, Kragen, Deadpool, Meryl, and Skids exit the sewers and watches the battle at the base go on from behind an alley.

Armando: It's worse than I thought.

Madeira: What are we going to do?

Armando: Sneak up from behind and chibi them in their asses!

Deadpool: You stole that from Game of Thrones.

Armando: Game of what?

Deadpool: Excuse me, trying to have a private conversation with the author. Looks at the readers Some people, huh?

Armando: Move out!

Kragen hands Skids his HK45 pistol before the group runs out to meet the rear end of Bane's army. Armando leads the charge, firing from his minigun as Kragen unloads with his HK47 rifle, Deadpool with his twin pistols, Meryl with her FA-MAS, and Madeira magnetizes the enemy's weapons sending them flying out of their hands before they're mow down by the Resistance's bullets. Deathstroke watching it all from the scope on his rifle.

Deathstroke: Talking in his radio Armando's crew is here.

Bane: Good.

Cut to: The side of the Resistance base

Bane and his men manage to sneak by all the fighting to make it to the side, climbing up the walls on ropes while the rest of the Resistance are focus on cannon fodder.

Bane: Make sure they stay away from us until we're inside the base.

Deathstroke fires at one of the stationary vehicles causing a gas leak and then firing at it again igniting an explosion that forces Armando and his crew away from the Resistance's base entrance. They take cover behind an armor vehicle.

Armando: We have a sniper in the area.

Meryl: I hate snipers.

Deadpool: Leave him to me.

Armando: You have sniper training?

Deadpool: I don't need to be a sniper to find this asshole!

Deadpool runs out from behind cover, firing more from his weapons as he takes bullets from the enemy, not caring because he just heals from the damage. The entrance of the Resistance base opens allowing Imai and her squad to come out. Logan quickly closes the doors behind her as Imai's soldiers cover her, Imai herself allowing more biotic energy to flow through her as she uses it to lift up an enemy tank, ripping it in half and sending the halves right back into Bane's personal army. Armando and his crew run over to her side and assist in the clearing out of enemies.

Armando: What are you doing out here?

Imai: Defending my home!

Armando: Then we'll defend it together. Skids, can you create a barrier around us?

Skids: I can, but I don't know how long it will hold.

Armando: Hold it for as long as you can.

Skids extends her shield around the group defending the front entrance, rendering the enemy shots useless, only lowering the front of the shield so Imai and the others can fire back.

Cut to: Base Rooftop

Wedge joins the other pilots in securing the aircrafts as snipers set up on the roof. While this is happening, Bane, Wrex, HK-47, Aries, and April make it to the roof. Wedge is the first to see them and informs the others as he fires at them with his blaster. Aries and April are able to easily avoid the blaster bolts while Bane, Wrex, and HK-47 fires back. HK forcing Wedge to take cover behind his own helicopter as the two exchange blaster bolts with one another. Wrex picking off the other pilots while Bane takes care of the snipers. Aries and April continue inside the building leaving the door open for the others.

Wedge: Speak into radio We have enemies on the roof! I repeat, enemies on the roof! Fires more shots with his blaster at HK

Cut to: Peter's Office

Peter hangs up the phone as the door is kick in and he sees Aries steps inside.

Aries: Hey, old timer. Do you know where Logan office is? I wanted to pay him a little visit.

Peter: Down the hall to the left. Takes out a pistol and sends a silver bullet into Aries chest

Aries: Ow! What the chibi was that? It never burnt before.

Peter: Obviously no one has ever thought to hit you with silver, blessed ammunition before. Their mistake.

Aries runs at Peter, using her daggers to reflect the other bullets as she kicks the gun out of his hand and stands on her head, sticking his head between her legs as she flips him over through the air.

Cut to: Four blocks away

Deadpool kicks down the door leading to the roof Deathstroke is on.

Deadpool: Hey, asshole!

Deathstroke is instantly on his feet at the sound of the door going down. Pointing his rifle at Deadpool.

Deadpool: You have some nerve showing your face around here!

Deathstroke: Who the hell are you?

Deadpool: Don't give me that. You know damn well who I am, copycat!

Deathstroke: What?

Deadpool: The clothes, the weapons, Slade Wilson, Wade Wilson. Do you think we were born yesterday?

Deathstroke: How do you know my name?

Deadpool: Face it, you're just a bootleg copy of the original classic.

Deathstroke: Shoots Deadpool in the head

Deadpool: Falls down

Deathstroke: Idiot. Turns around

Deadpool gets back up to his feet and cut Deathstroke in half.

Deadpool: OH! ONE HIT KO! But I'm sure you'll be more than able to regenerate your butt, right? Right? No? You're dead? OH NO! Who will Arrow use in his show now? Give me that! Takes Deathstroke's rifle and starts providing cover fire for the Resistance

Cut to: Resistance Base Entrance

Armando and the others hear Wedge over the radio.

Armando: They're getting in!

Imai: Logan! Open up the gate so Armando can get in!

Armando: Made, Skids, stay with Imai. The rest of you come with me!

Logan opens up the gate allowing Armando, Kragen, and Meryl to enter.

Cut to: Peter Office

Aries is choking Peter with her legs. Peter doing his best to pry the legs away from his neck so he can breathe.

Aries: Say goodnight!

Peter: Grabs the knife that fell off the desk in the struggle and stabs Aries legs with it

Aries: Is force to release her hold and get up to her feet

Peter: Meet her there with his pistol aim point blank at her head and fires

Aries: Falls to the floor dead

Peter: Goodnight.

Cut to: Resistance Roof

HK-47 launches an explosive device that attach itself on Wedge's helicopter. Wedge quickly moves out of the way as the explosive go off, blowing up the helicopter, the fire spreading over to the other aerial crafts on the roof destroying the Resistance's escape route as HK-47 now draws closer to Wedge.

HK-47: Condescending Response: Oh, I'm sorry, sir. It would seem my high-tech explosive device has caused a chain reaction leaving you and your teammates in a very unfortunate position.

Wedge: Yeah... Ricochets his blaster bolt across the wall and burning helicopters, hitting HK-47 in the back of the head Left you wide open.

Cut to: Staircase

Armando, Kragen, and Meryl ascend the staircase to the top floor when Wrex greets them with gunfire. The three duck down and use the side of the staircase to defend from the bullets, raising their weapons and firing at Wrex's spot a few flights above of them. April jumps down behind them and Meryl tackles her. Meryl and April fall down the flight of stairs while Armando and Kragen continue their way up.

Meryl lands on top of April at the bottom of the stairs, punching April in the face until April rolls around on top of Meryl to do the same. Meryl bringing her knees up to April's gut and knocking her off in time for her to get up and brandishes her knife. Meryl swings her knife, but April catches her arm, twisting it back to Meryl's back and holding her in place, but not for long as Meryl elbows out of it and turns around with a high kick, April ducking underneath the kick and coming back with an uppercut to Meryl's jaw, smashing it on impact.

Higher up on the staircase Armando and Kragen continue to exchange shots with Wrex.

Armando: Go on ahead. I'll cover you.

Kragen rushes up to the top of the steps as Armando draws out Wrex's fire. Kragen manages to make it to the top and slams the butt of his rifle into Wrex's head, following up with a strike to the stomach. Wrex comes back with a good arm smack across Kragen's face before throwing him over the railing. Kragen holds on for dear life, his rifle falling all the way to the bottom of the staircase. Wrex slamming his fists into Kragen's hands to make him fall. Armando makes it up to the top, ramming his shoulder into Wrex knocking him down, bringing the minigun to Wrex's head and unloading upon his skull. Armando gets up from Wrex's corpse and helps Kragen up, the two continuing down the hall to search for Bane.

Back at the bottom of the stairs, April brings a knife to Meryl's throat, threatening to slice it open. Meryl sees Kragen's rifle and quickly grabs it slamming it into April's back to force her off her from the ground. Meryl grabs April's knife and slices it across her throat, watching the blood flow from the wound as April chokes and then dies staring up at Meryl.

Cut to: Resistance Entrance

Imai uses her biotics to overload the weapons of the enemy while Madeira's electricity soars through the air frying anything it touches. Despite their best efforts, Bane's army continue to overrun the base. Just when all hope appears lost, they see a figure flying through the sky. Closer inspection reveals it to be Iron Man with an aircraft next to him. Iron Man targets several of Bane's troops and fires missiles at them, one of the missiles being a tank missile to destroy the tanks and other armor vehicles on the ground. Seras falls from the aircraft with a large gun on her back, landing on the roof of the base and open fires on the remaining soldiers forcing them into a retreat. With the assistance of Seras and Iron Man, the rest of the Resistance on the ground succeeds in forcing Bane's troops back.

Cut to: Imai's Office

Bane enters Imai's Office, looking through her desks and stealing multiple files, among them, the Legion's file the group recently attain from the Vulture. As soon as Bane steps out he sees Armando charging head first into him. Armando rams into him, forcing him back a few steps before Bane slams his knee into Armando a few times to get him off. The two exchange blows, both large men, both being able to take as much as they can dish out. Bane slams Armando into the wall, and Armando kicks Bane back into the wall on the opposite side, jumping up and slamming himself into Bane again, this time sending him through the wall back into Imai's office. When Bane gets up, he lifts a running Armando up and over his head sending him crashing through the desk. Kragen enters through the hole in the wall and swings his knife over Bane's mask, cutting out a piece of it. Bane grabs him by the head, holding him up against the wall and attempts to smash his skull in before Armando shot Bane's back. Bane grunts, and throws Kragen into Armando before leaving the office.

Meryl reaches his position and starts firing at him with her Desert Eagles. Bane throws his jacket into the direction of the shots, unloading with the gattling gun on his back to force Meryl into a retreat. Bane runs back to the roof to meet Seras. Bane runs to the right, firing off more rounds of the gattling gun as Seras fires back caliber bullets of equal size, Iron Man providing support from the air. Bane leaps off the ceiling and glides through the air breaking through the window of the building across the streets and disappears into the darkness. Iron Man follows him.

Cut to: Imai's Office

Armando looks through Imai's Office to see what Bane was after. Kragen and Meryl comes back into the room after following Bane out onto the roof.

Armando: Well?

Meryl: According to Seras, Iron Man is after him now. What did you find in here?

Armando: He took Legion's file, as well as other classified data Imai was keeping in here. For what purpose I can only guess. What's the status on the rest of Bane's squad?

Kragen: Dead.

Meryl: And the army retreated once Seras and Iron Man arrived.

Armando: This isn't over until we find Bane and get those files.

Kragen/Meryl: Yes, sir!



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PostSubject: Re: Armando's Commandos   Armando's Commandos I_icon_minitime26th March 2015, 2:24 pm

Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Imai Katayo
Logan S. Gunn
Seras Victoria
Tony Stark/Iron Man
General Vulture
The Illuminati
Alexander Kross
Revolver Ocelot
Carari Grey
The Angel of Death
Peter Fargason
Wedge Antilles

#6 Trial by Vulture

Fade in: Resistance Base

We see Imai, Logan, Madeira, and Skids meet up with Seras at the front entrance of the base.

Imai: Thanks. We owe you one.

Seras: Don't mention it.

Iron Man lands next to the group, his helmet unfolding around his head and into his armor.

Iron Man: Ladies, and gentleman.

Seras: Where's Bane?

Iron Man: Lost him at the interstate.

Imai: What do you mean you lost him?

Iron Man: As in, no longer found.

Logan: How do you lose track of someone that big?

Iron Man: That's what I intend to find out.

Seras: He most likely had an exit strategy before he even began planning his attack. I think it'll be a while before anyone tries something like this again.

Madeira: What do you think he was after?

Armando: Legion's files.

The group turns to see Armando, Kragen, Meryl, Wedge, and Peter approach them.

Armando: Which unfortunately, he managed to get his hands on.

Imai: Dammit!

Skids: Could he be working for Vulture?

Peter: Vulture are much too proud to hire mercenaries to do their dirty work. If this was a Vulture attack it would have their signature written all over it.

Armando: Commander, with your permission I'd like to begin the search for Bane.

Iron Man: I'm coming, too. I still need to repay him for Hallowton.

Seras: Bane is as much an enemy of the Crown as he is yours. Once the Wild Geese arrive we'll assist in the search.

Imai: Let's not waste any time, then.

Cut to: Carari Incorporated
Carari's Main Office

Vulture soldiers stand in Carari's office as she looks at them from behind her desk.

Carari: I assure you, I am loyal to the Vulture. If I thought for even one moment that Aminee was planning an assassination I would have put a bullet in her myself.

Vulture Soldier: Nevertheless, we have orders to take you into custody, ma'am.

Carari: Flirtatious Surely we can come to some sort of understanding?

The Vulture soldiers don't budge, and Carari just sighs.

Carari: There's nothing more annoying than a man who's married to his job. Angel!

A large seven foot tall man enters the room. The soldiers aim their weapons, but he quickly knocks them down with a single punch causing them to drop their weapons as he grabs one soldier by the neck, lifting him up and throwing him into the other soldiers that gather enter the office. Taking them out one by one with punches, kicks, breaking bones with each strike as the Vulture soldiers all fall to the ground.

Carari: Looks like I'll need to relocate.

Carari presses a button on her phone

Carari: Book me a flight to Moon Valley. I need a vacation.

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

Cut to: Bane's Hideout

Bane enters an abandon building and tends to his wounds. After doing so he takes out a cellphone and sends a text message that says, “It's done.”

The phone buzz and we see the reply “Good work” from a “The Genius.” The Genius sends another text message that reads, “Is it ready?”

Bane enters a small lab where vials containing a green liquid and a power backpack are on the walls and replies, “Yes.”

Cut to: The Core
Torture Room

Aminee's screams fill the room before the torture device shuts down. Ocelot walks up to where she hangs from the machine.

Ocelot: How long can you hold out for? You must know by now that the Resistance is never going to come for you. Why protect them?

Aminee: You don't know much about loyalty, do you?

Ocelot: Smiles I know it will get you killed.

The doors open behind them and Alexander walks in with a couple of Vulture guards.

Ocelot: Mr. Kross, what brings you to my neck of the woods?

Alexander: I have orders to take Ms. Starlight into custody.

Ocelot: What for?

Alexander: The General believes she won't break. It's time for her to stand trial for her treason against Isafaro. The trial will be held today. Live.

Ocelot: Live for all of Isafaro to see, including its traitors.

Aminee: What?

Alexander: Bring her.

The soldiers unstrap Aminee and carry her out of the torture room.

Cut to: Courthouse

The Vulture soldiers lead Aminee with her arms and legs in bindings behind a court podium as General Vulture, the Illuminati, and Alexander look down from their judges' seats. Aminee looks up at them in contempt as the cameras begin rolling.

The Illuminati: Ms. Starlight, you are being tried for treason against your country, and the attempted assassination of General Koma Iz Vulture. How do you plead?

Aminee: Not guilty.

The Illuminati: You deny attempting to kill General Vulture after you were apprehended by Lieutenant Dragunov during the assassination attempt?

Aminee: No, of that I'm profoundly guilty. But what I'm not guilty of is being a traitor to this country. I'm not the one with military forces everywhere, or the one with an artificial intelligence watching our every move. The only traitor to this country is you!

General Vulture: ENOUGH!

Vulture stands up and slams his hands on the table.

General Vulture: I find you guilty and sentence you to death! FIRE THE NOVALITH CANNON!

Aminee: The what Cannon?

Cut to: Space

We see a space platform aiming its main gun at the planet and charging up a devastating attack for the planet surface.

Cut to: Courthouse

Aminee notices that the guards are backing away and decides to back flip just as the ceiling caves in and her original spot in the courthouse explodes by the space platform as thirteen men appears equip with lancer rifles with a chainsaw attachment. Aminee grabs one of the normal Vulture guard and use him as a human shield while the soldiers open fire with five shots bursts, destroying the chains on Aminee's hands and feet and allowing her to take the Vulture's guard rifle and fire back at the super soldiers. The bullets only hit their armor. Aminee runs backwards as she fires, dropping down between the pews for protection. They did little good as the super soldiers cut through the pews nearly sawing right through the Pop Idol's flesh.

Cut to: Sector Three Streets

Armando's team and Iron Man are searching the area for Bane when they see the TV screen on the building showing Aminee on trial.

Armando: That's Aminee!

Deadpool: My love!

They watch as Aminee back flips and a beam explodes her place in the courthouse, teleporting thirteen Vulture soldiers in heavy armor.

Armando: What the hell are those?

Meryl: They're no Vulture troops I've ever seen.

Madeira: They're going to kill her!

Armando: We're turning around.

Madeira: They're all the way to Sector Nine we'll never make it in time.

Iron Man: On it.

Iron Man takes off into the air.

Armando: Tony, wait!

Iron Man leaves the area without another word.

Cut to: Courthouse

Aminee crawls underneath the pews as the super soldiers take to tossing them up into the air with one hand. Aminee can see more of them to the left, right, and straight ahead blocking the door. With nowhere to turn Aminee fires at their feet, the bullets only making them move back a little bit before they crouch down and aim their rifles underneath the pews. Aminee hops up to the top of the pews and jumps from one to the next, jumping off the soldiers' heads and making it out of the courthouse to find an army of Vulture troops and tanks waiting for her on the outside.

Aminee: A little overkill, don't you think?

Cut to: Sector Three Streets

Armando: We need to head back to the base and take a chopper to Sector Nine. Vulture drones be damned.

A red dot shines down from the sky onto the Resistance's vehicles.

Skids: What's that?

Kragen: Red dot.

Armando: RUN!

The group flees from the vehicles as a beam shoots down from the sky blowing it to hell. Coming out of the smoke are the thirteen super soldiers from the TV up above, activating their chainsaws in the face of the Resistance right in front of them.

Cut to: Courthouse

Before the Vulture's soldiers can finish off Aminee, missiles rain down from the sky blowing up the tanks and taking out the soldiers on the ground. Aminee looks up to see Iron Man sweeping down to grab her and flying back up into the sky.

Iron Man: Pleasure to meet you, Starlight. I'm Iron Man.

Aminee: Are you a robot?

Iron Man: Laughs Trust me, sweetheart, I'm all man underneath.

Aminee: You'll have to show me later.

Iron Man: I'd like to show you back to my place.

Aminee: Is that right? Sees the little red dot on Iron Man's face. Watch out!

Before Iron Man can react the red beam blasts into him sending Iron Man and Aminee crashing into one of the rooftops below. Aminee rolls over to the side of the roof, turning her head to see another super soldier on top of Iron Man. Iron Man trying desperately to keep the chainsaw from reaching his face. Aminee gets up and runs at the soldier, jumping up on top of his back and wrapping her arms around his neck. The soldier staggers back trying to get Aminee off of him while Iron Man aims his laser right for the visor, breaking through it and blinding the soldier knocking him over the ledge with Aminee still on him. Iron Man gets up to his feet and flies off the building, falling down through the air and grabbing Aminee watching the super soldier fall splat on the ground.

Iron Man: Got ya!

Cut to: Courthouse

Alexander: General! You didn't tell me that you were testing the Novalith Cannon today.

General Vulture: I am the leader of Isafaro, Mr. Kross. I do not need to inform anyone when I am using my weapons. Your experiment was a success, Mr. Kross. You should be proud.

Alexander: Those weapons were for war, not a trial!

General Vulture: This is war, Mr. Kross! Let our enemy fear the skies, let them know that there is nowhere to run or hide. This Resistance wants independence. They want to be liberated. Little do they know that there is only one perfected method of freedom.

Alexander: And what would that be?

General Vulture: Death. I will see to it that every man, woman, and child who would oppose the Vulture will be liberated until only those loyal to Isafaro remain. Remember that, Doctor, when the doubts begin to enter your mind that you're on the right side.

Alexander only looks at Vulture in horror.

General Vulture: I'm going to go play Angry Birds. I suggest you find some time to unwind before the war is knocking at our doorstep.

Vulture pats Alexander on the shoulder and leaves the courthouse with guards all around as the scene fade to black.



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Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Seras Victoria
Tony Stark/Iron Man
The Illuminati

#7 Little Red Dot

Fade in: Sector Three Streets

Armando, Madeira, Kragen, Deadpool, Meryl, and Skids take behind cover because of the super soldiers. Armando fires from his arm gun, Madeira sends wave after wave of electrical attacks at the group, Kragen throws a grenade, Deadpool keeps shooting while going “Bang!” Meryl fires with her Desert Eagle, and Skids fires back with her pistol. Inflicting zero damage against the heavy armor of the soldiers. Even with the grenade the thirteen Vulture men keeps firing bullets that move faster than the Resistance's.

Madeira: What is up with these guys?!

Armando: Reserve ammunition! Try to find a weak point in their armor if you can!

Meryl comes up from behind her cover to fire off more shots only to get blast in the torso for her trouble.

Armando: Meryl!

Kragen go over to Meryl to check on her seeing that they mostly hit her bullet proof vest.

Meryl: These guys don't miss.

Kragen: Auto-lock.

Deadpool: Auto-lock? Cheaters! You no good cheaters!

Armando: Let's see how good they are with their naked eyes. Kragen!

Kragen tosses a chaff grenade into the air. As soon as it explodes the super soldiers' auto-lock system jams as well as their visions on their visor making them rely on their naked eyes allowing Armando's team to fall back as the enemy prove not to be a good shot without their equipment.

Armando: As I thought. All technology and brute force. Those men don't have any real skills.

Armando turns on his radio.

Armando: Victoria, we're under attack in Sector Three. Thirteen men, heavy armor, with advanced auto-lock weapons. Vulture is also firing something from the sky that's transporting them. Keep an eye out for a little red dot.

Seras: Roger, Commander. We're closing in on your position.

Armando turns off the radio and when the group looks up they see Iron Man landing and putting Aminee down.

Madeira: Aminee!

Deadpool gets in front of Made.

Deadpool: BABY! It's been what, five episodes? C'mere and give daddy a kiss.

Aminee punches Deadpool and then hugs Madeira.

Aminee: It's good to see you again, dear.

Madeira: Did they hurt you?

Aminee: They tried.

Deadpool: Playing hard to get, huh? I like it.

Iron Man: Trust me, pal. She isn't.

Deadpool: chibi off, talking robot.

Aminee: Who's the blond?

Armando: This is Skids. We found her at the Morlocks camp. She was the only one left alive after Bane's group slaughtered them.

Aminee: Damn. I'm sorry.

Skids: Thank you.

Iron Man: What do we got?

Armando: Thirteen men further down the road and the Wild Geese will be arriving soon. We just need to hold out until then.

Iron Man: Got it.

Armando: Tony, we need to stick together!

Iron Man takes off after the super soldiers.

Armando: Goddammit!

Deadpool: Yeah, he isn't much of a team player until the crossover movie.

Armando: We can use one of these buildings as cover and ambush them. Move out!

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

Iron Man flies out and over the super soldiers launching a tank missile by their feet. The missile explodes, a loud boom follows the explosion and to Iron Man's surprise the soldiers come out of the blast without a mark on them.

Iron Man: These guys no sell worse than Hulk Hogan.

Iron Man flies back, firing from his repulsors at the ground forcing them to move back from the rest of the group while using JARVIS to scan for any available weak points. The super soldiers start to shoot upward hitting Iron Man's armor and knocking him off balance momentarily. Iron Man uses JARVIS to hack into their weapons and jam the radar signal before using his smoke to cover the below area blinding them. Iron Man flies down low through the smoke, coming up to one of the super soldiers and punching them right in the face breaking in their visor and knocking him back into his comrades.

JARVIS: Master Stark, I seem to be receiving some interference.

Iron Man: Find the source.

The Illuminati appears inside Iron Man's helmet.

The Illuminati: Shutting down.

Iron Man's suit shuts down causing Tony to fall to the ground as his armor comes off and the super soldiers surround him. Illuminati speaks through the super soldier's radios:

The Illuminati: Take him into custody. The General wishes to have his power armor for himself.

Before the super soldiers can act a cannon's fire knock them back through the air and away from Iron Man. We see Seras and the Wild Geese pulling up several feet away, Seras and her men provides cover fire while their comrades run towards Iron Man and retrieves him from the battle.

The Illuminati: Activate Mark VII.

Tony's suit comes to life on its own and flies up into the air.

Tony: That's not good.

Seras: What's happening?

Tony: Vulture's A.I. hacked my suit.

The Mark VII fires a tank missile at the Wild Geese.

Tony: MOVE!

Seras, Tony, and the Wild Geese get away from their vehicles, a couple of the Wild Geese being lost in the explosion. Seras holds up the Harkonnen Cannon at the suit.

Tony: Wait, that's a millions dollars worth advanced hardware!

Seras: It's about to be scrap metal!

Seras fires several rounds from the cannon at the suit, the suit evading each shot and unloading repulsors, missiles, lasers, and smoke down at the group. The super soldiers splitting off into two groups, one staying to fight the Wild Geese and the other half going after Armando's group.

Cut to: Armando's Group

Armando and the rest of his crew are hiding out in a tall building with their weapons aim through the window.

Deadpool: This is boring! When do we get to waste these guys?

Armando: Quiet, Wade! With any luck we won't have to.

Meryl is seen having surgery on herself with Made's help.

Madeira: Looks like the bullet ripped clean through. You were lucky.

Meryl: If you can call being shot lucky.

Aminee: I think I preferred being electrocuted.

Skids: Why hold you on trial after all that time?

Aminee: Simple, they wanted to use me to lure out the rest of you. Looks like it worked.

Armando: They have another thing coming if they think they're taking us out here. Who gave you the order?

Aminee: What?

Armando: To assassinate General Vulture, who gave you the order? Because it sure as hell wasn't me.

Aminee: Imai and Logan.

Armando: I knew it.

Kragen: Over there.

Kragen and Deadpool finds the super soldiers in-coming through the scopes of their rifles as the others see them coming from the distance.

Armando: All right, everyone, get ready. Can you see any weak points in their armor?

Kragen: No.

Deadpool: The visor looks pretty vulnerable.

Kragen: Too small.

Deadpool: I can make that shot easy.

Armando: We don't want to alert them to our presence until they're close enough for the others to hit. Just wait.

Deadpool: I knew I should have signed up with the bad guys.

Cut to: City's Streets

Seras continues to fire at the Iron Man suit while the remaining Wild Geese fights back against the super soldiers from cover. Tony activates the computer on his wrist and attempts to resume control of his suit.

Tony: Come on!

Stark is successful in taking back control of his suit, but as soon as he did it Seras' Harkonnen blows it sky high right in front of him.

Cut to: Armando's Group

Armando and his crew waits for the super soldiers to get close enough.

Armando: Fire!

The group open fires on the super soldiers, Skids creating a shield to protect against the enemy's bullets. Deadpool hit one soldier's right in the visor taking him out.

Deadpool: I told you I could make the shot.

Madeira uses her electricity to magnetize the armor of one soldier crushing him from within. The four remaining super soldiers back up behind cover as Armando's crew reloads.

Skids: I-I don't know how much longer I can keep this shield up.

Armando: Kragen, chaff grenades! Made, jam their weapons! The rest of you, draw their fire.

Skids lowers her shields and backs away to rest, Kragen throws a chain of chaff grenades out the window, Armando, Aminee, Deadpool, and Meryl fire on the super soldiers keeping them focus on them while Madeira concentrates her energy through the strings of her guitar and performs a guitar rift sending the energy to their guns and jamming them. The super soldiers discard  their guns and fall back.

Madeira: We did it! They're leaving.

Armando: Good job, Made. I knew you could do it.

The celebration is cut short as Kragen catches the red dot from the sky at the building they're in.

Kragen: Commander!

Armando sees it too.

Armando: moon turds!

Madeira: What do we do?

Deadpool: Well, I can't die. So, I guess you guys are chibi.

Armando: We're not that far up from the ground. Jump!

The group jumps out of the window and falls hitting the ground in a roll. They continue to run and then jump forward through the air as the building behind them explodes. The seven lay on the ground slowly getting up to their feet.

Armando: Is everyone okay?

Deadpool performs a thumb up to show he's all right while the others get back up to their feet. Armando looks at the burning building and then to the sky.

Cut to: City Streets

Seras and the Wild Geese continue their firefight with the super soldiers while Tony watches from a safe distance.

Tony: This is getting us nowhere, we need to pull back.

Seras: Hellsing doesn't retreat.

Tony: I'm sure that's all very fascinating in the Hellsing handbook, but here in the real world you don't get repaid for blatant stupidity. Tell your men to fall back!

Seras turns and aims her weapon at Tony through crimson red eyes.

Seras: I don't take orders from you.

Seras puts her weapon away and lunges into the group of super soldiers. Her left arm transforms into shadow that swirl sin the air as she moves. Seras collides it into the super soldiers, but it only serves to push them back as they keep firing at her. The bullets rips into her flesh only for the flesh to regenerate and Seras to continue the assault tearing her hand right through their armor and slicing apart their flesh. The shadows wraps around one soldier neck and begins to strangle him as she grabs another soldier by the head and smashes his skull into his choking comrade.

Armando and his men arrives at the scene joining the fight with the remaining Wild Geese forcing the rest of the super soldiers back into the city. Armando keeps an eye on the skies above while approaching Seras.

Armando: Are you okay?

Seras: Never better.

Tony: My suit's destroyed, but I can build another one.

Seras: No one cares about your bloody suit!

Tony: I've found that to just not be true.

Armando: Next time don't run off.

Tony: Because standing around doing nothing is so much better.

Armando: We're strongest when we're together. If everyone ran off from their teammate to solo the enemy a lot of men would be killed.

Tony: Luckily for me I'm not most men.

Madeira: We don't have time for this. Whatever is firing at us from the sky can attack again at any minute, we need to go.

Meryl: Made is right. We need to get Aminee looked at anyway.

Aminee: I'm fine, guys. Really. Just a little winded.

Deadpool: Want me to carry you?

Aminee: No.

Armando: That's fine with me. I have some things I need to set straight with Command.

The group leaves the scene. The little red dot stalking their position from above as they leave the area, and the scene fade to black.



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Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Imai Katayo
Logan S. Gunn
Peter Fargason

#8 Dark side of God

The scene opens up on the Isafaro Resistance H.Q. We cut to Imai's office to see Armando punching Logan in the face and pinning him to the wall. Members of his squad and Imai coming up to try to separate them.

Imai: Armando, what the hell are you doing?!

Armando: You nearly got Aminee killed!

Logan: I don't know what you're talking about!

Armando: I know the whole story. Aminee was told by you and Imai to kill the General the first chance she gets, behind my back!

Kragen and Deadpool manages to pull Armando away from Logan while Imai checks on Logan.

Imai: I didn't give the order. For chibi sakes, I agreed with you at the meeting.

Aminee: Logan approached me before the mission and gave me the knife to use. Told me to kill Vulture. Said it was what you wanted too when I asked.

Imai: Logan, what the hell is she talking about?

Logan: I gave the order. It was our best shot to take the Vulture out. I was hoping that you would see that after his corpse showed up on the news.

Armando: But it didn't go down that way. It was a failure and almost cost my comrade her life.

Imai: Goddammit, Logan! I said I wanted Aminee to get in and out, nothing else!

Logan: I know. I'm sorry.

Imai: You think sorry is going to cut it? I can't have a second in command who goes behind my back when it's convenient for him.

Logan: What are you saying?

Imai: You're relieved of duty and confined to your quarters until I say otherwise.

Logan: Imai, please–!

Imai: Guards!

Two Resistance guards enters the room.

Imai: Escort Logan to his room.

The guards nod and walk over to Logan. They attempt to take this arm, but Logan slaps it away and walks himself out with the escort.

Imai: Armando, I am so sorry. If I had any idea he was giving orders behind my back I would have done something.

Madeira: Aminee is safe now. That's all that matters.

Peter: I'd hate to interrupt this charming display, but I have news from Sector Ten. Legion has arrived.

Imai: moon turds.

Armando: What's the situation?

Peter: Sector Eleven has been destroyed, and closed off to the general public. Legion is leading an army of Vulture's experiments into Sector Ten killing anything that stands in their way. It would seems that her target is the Core.

Meryl: Makes sense. They were created by the Vulture. It's only natural that they'd want some payback.

Kragen: Armageddon.

Skids: So, what's the problem?

Armando: The problem is that they're going to kill every man, woman, and child in Isafaro between there and the Core unless we stop them.

Imai: Is Seras still able to help us?

Peter: You cannot expect Hellsing to fight all your battles for you. Seras and Iron Man are already on their way back to Hallowton.

Imai: That's not what I meant.

Armando: We'll take care of it ourselves. Just say the word.

Imai: This child flooded an entire sector and put one of my best commanders out of action for good. I'm sending in a task force to assist with the mission. Use what little we've been able to uncover from the report file, and approach with caution.

Armando: Yes, ma'am!

Armando and his crew leaves the office as the scene fades to black.

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

On the way to the chopper Skids stops Armando to talk to him.

Skids: Look, about what I said back there. I didn't mean to come across as–

Armando: It's already forgotten. Those bastards killed your friends. You have every right in the world to be angry. Truth is, even if there were no civilians in the way we'd be no better than them using Legion to kill our enemies for us, and who's to say she wouldn't turn on us immediately afterwords? Something like that needs to be dealt with now, not later.

Skids: Agreed.

Madeira approaches the two as they continue to walk.

Madeira: Armando!

Armando: Go on.

Skids keeps walking as Armando stops for Made.

Armando: What is it?

Madeira: It's about Aminee. Is it really wise to let her come? She just got back from being tortured. Who knows what kind of condition she's in.

Armando: I understand your concern, but we need all the help we can get right now. Being tortured didn't hinder her ability to fire a gun back in the streets. It won't stop her now.

Madeira: I guess.

Armando: Tell you what, if you can convince her to sit this one out I won't stand in your way.

Madeira: I may as well bite all my fingers off.

Armando: That'd be a shame, you work one mean guitar riff.

Armando made it to the hanger where the other soldiers are getting ready to head out.

Armando: All right, men, listen up! We're heading to Sector Ten to take out an extremely dangerous hostile. On her own, Legion is probably the most dangerous thing this army will ever face, but combined with other Vulture's experiments we could have a massacre on out hands. If you have a shot you take it, don't wait for confirmation, don't wait for backup. You take it. When Legion first awakened she broke Tori, and flooded an entire sector in blood. There's no telling what she can do now that she has an army. Roll out!

Cut to: Sector Ten: Streets

We see Legion walking the streets of Sector Ten with mutations all around her. The monsters are tearing through the city as Legion walks with little interest in what's happening around her. She looks up to the sky to see several military aircrafts approaching the city. Legion continues to stare as bombs drop from the aircrafts purging the monsters in fire. While the mutations burn alive, Legion walks through the fire not catching any of the flames and continues on her path for the Core.

Resistance members begin to lower from the aircrafts. They land on the rooftops and fire hell from above as others land on the ground. Armando and his crew are with the ground team and they lead the charge running into a herd of burning mutations. Armando fires from his gun arm, Madeira hands come alive over the strings of her guitar sending waves of electricity at the herd, Deadpool fires from his twin pistols while showing off.

Deadpool: You're dead, and you're dead, and you're dead, and you're – can you guess? Also dead!

Aminee also fires from her twin pistols at the herd, Kragen firing from his HK assault rifle, Meryl her Desert Eagles, and Skids protects them as best she can with her shield. The Resistance soldiers behind them taking out the targets they miss. Armando sees Legion up ahead.

Armando: Legion five o clock!

Armando, his crew, and the rest of the Resistance ground team unleashes everything they have towards Legion. Legion walks straight into it only watching as the bullets heat up and melt into hot liquid. The liquid taking shape and creating abominations that turn on the group and start to attack them. Burning off their flesh with their bodies and ripping Resistance soldiers to shreds. Legion grabs the electricity from Made and redirects it into Aminee. Aminee is caught in it before she can react, having flashbacks of her torture with Ocelot.

Madeira: AMINEE!

Aminee collapses onto the ground. Madeira runs over to her side as the rest of the team fights off the liquid beasts. The fire behind Legion begins to rise up and takes the form of a cloak figure with a mask. The figure stretches out its hand and touches the buildings the air team are on setting it ablaze and killing them instantly. The figure extends its flames to the aircrafts up above causing them to burn and crash into the city below. With that, all that remains of the Resistance's task force is Armando and his crew. Armando, Kragen, Deadpool, Meryl, and Skids circle around Made and Aminee. The dead mutations rise back up now under Legion's control as the demon child turns her attention on Armando.

Skids: We're chibi!

Armando: Everyone hold your ground! Made, can you carry Aminee out of here?

Madeira: Yeah, yeah I can.

Armando: Then get her out of here. We'll rendezvous at the checkpoint to Sector Nine.

Made picks up Aminee and looks at Armando.

Madeira: Don't you dare die on me.

Armando: I have no plans to die today.

Made escapes with Aminee as the others face off against Legion.

Legion: Friends of the Herald.

Deadpool: Hey! That's a nice fiery giant you have there.  Can you make a giant size s'more?

Legion: Are we alive? Or are we nightmares?

Armando: You're a science experiment.

Legion: You would kill us?

Armando: If I have to.

Legion: You are five. We are many.

Meryl: So, the girl can count.

Legion: You would die for nothing?

Armando: We would die for the innocents you killed, and the countless innocents you continue to endanger.

Legion: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

Armando: Romans 3: 23. I'm familiar with scripture, and I know for a fact you are the farthest thing from God that exists.

Legion: And we are made in His image.

Deadpool: If that's the case Points to himself God is UGLY!

Armando: I had enough of this chat. Kragen!

Kragen throws a smoke grenade at Legion. The area fills up with smoke blocking off Armando and his men from sight. The five charges and throws themselves at Legion with Skids shield to protect them. They come through the smoke all ready to strike her, but before they can ink black tendrils come forth and impales them. The tendrils hoisting them up into the air taking the form of upside down crosses and crucifying them. There they hang unable to move as blood drips down their arms and feet and falls to the ground. Legion walks away with the undead mutations never looking back.

Skids: T-this isn't happening! My shield isn't working!

Armando: Skids, try to calm down! Wade, can you break free?

Deadpool: Way ahead of you!

Deadpool rips his wrists through the spikes holding him in place, and removes the spikes on his feet before jumping down from the cross. Deadpool wounds heal over and he gets the rest of the crew down one by one as they perform first aid on each other.

Deadpool: I hope you have a plan B because I don't think guns and swords are going to work on that thing.

Armando: We need to regroup and get better equipment.

Deadpool: You think?

Armando: You got something to say, Wade?

Deadpool: Yeah, I got something you say. You nearly got us all killed – well, not me since I can't die, but the rest, and everyone else who came here is dead!

Armando: I'm aware, Wade.

Deadpool: Are you? Because you guys had the report file. Aminee got tortured by the psychos down at Isafaro to get it. You knew what we were getting into and this was your plan? To rush it!?

Armando: I didn't see you coming up with any bright ideas.

Meryl: Guys! This isn't helping! We need to get out of here now!

Armando looks over to see Meryl comforting Skids.

Armando: Kragen, you know this area better than any of us. Lead the way.

Kragen nods and leads the other away from the streets.

Cut to: Sector Nine Checkpoint

Aminee wakes up to find herself on a bench with Madeira standing watch. No signs of Vulture soldiers, Resistance, or Legion. Madeira turns around to notice that Aminee is up.

Madeira: Oh, you're up. How are you feeling?

Aminee: Like I've been electrocuted.

Madeira: I'm so sorry, Ami! That was meant for Legion.

Aminee: I know it wasn't your fault. It's just...

Madeira: Just what?

Aminee: Nothing. Forget I said anything.

Madeira: No, something is troubling you. I want you to tell me what it is.

Aminee: I don't want to talk about it.

Madeira: Well, that's unfortunate for you because all we have is time to talk. So, talk.

Aminee: What happened to the guards? Place looks abandoned.

Madeira: Who knows. They were probably called in to deal with Legion. Now stop avoiding the topic. What's wrong?

Aminee: You zapping me reminded me of Ocelot's torture. I guess I'm not as over it as I thought I was.

Madeira: You don't just get over torture. You never should have came here.

Aminee: None of us should have.

Madeira: Look, I'm just worried about you, all right? You're my friend.

Aminee: I know. I'll feel better once we're back at the base. Where's Armando and the others?

Madeira: Last I saw them they were holding off Legion giving us time to escape. Armando said to meet up here. I'm afraid they won't show.

Aminee: I figured you one to have more faith than that.

Madeira: That girl wiped out our entire team! We have to face facts here, there's a chance the others aren't coming back.

Armando: You always did worry too much.

Made turns around to see Armando and the others approach.

Madeira: Armando!

Madeira hugs Armando while Aminee stands up to her feet. Made looks over to see Skids in a state of shock as the others are still hurt.

Madeira: What happened?

Armando: We'll explain on the way. We need to get out of here. It's a long trek back to Sector Four.

Aminee: What about Legion?

Armando: There's nothing we can do now. We need to get back to base and come up with a new plan.

Deadpool: That'd be a start.

Madeira: How can we even begin to fight something that powerful?

Kragen: Hellsing.

Armando: And the one person who knows her best. Commander Jacobs.



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PostSubject: Re: Armando's Commandos   Armando's Commandos I_icon_minitime16th April 2015, 2:44 pm

Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Imai Katayo
Peter Fargason

#9 Haunted

The scene fade into Armando's room. We see him sitting on the edge of his bed eyes to the ground as he thinks about events back at Sector Ten. Flashes of Legion crucifying the team plays across the screen before returning to Armando's room. Armando stands up and walks over to his door exiting the room.

Cut to: Madeira's Room

Madeira is tossing and turning in bed. The screen cuts to a flashback of Legion walking through the wall of fire and vanishes showing Made sitting up in her bed getting her breathing to slow down.

Cut to: Armory

Kragen is checking and cleaning the weapons in the armory. Every once in a while he stops and thinks back to the fight with Legion. A closeup of Legion's face appears on the screen, and her ink black tendrils impales Kragen and the others suspending them into the air. The screen returns to normal and Kragen returns to cleaning the weapons without a word.

Cut to: Shooting Range

Aminee fires her pistol at a target while remembering back when Legion electrocuted her reminding her of Ocelot's torture. Aminee pictures it's Ocelot standing in place of the target and empties both her clips into it. When empty Aminee gets angry and throws her headset into the paper target and storms out of the range.

Cut to: Deadpool's Room

Deadpool is cooking himself a meal wearing a hat and apron when a Legion flashback interrupts him. We see glimpses of Legion impaling Deadpool and crucifying him in the air.

Deadpool: Waves the flashbacks away and gets back to cooking Annoying flashbacks. I am way too cool to have any meaningful character development.

Cut to: Skids' Room

Meryl tends to a trembling Skids on her bed. Meryl comforts her by stroking her hair and speaking softly to her.

Meryl: It's okay. It's okay. I'm right here.

Armando: Walks up to the doorway and looks at Meryl

Meryl: Turns her head to see Armando and then looks back at Skids Hon, I'm going to be right back.

Skids: No! Grabs onto her arm Don't leave me.

Meryl: I'm going to be right outside, I promise. You're safe here. Stands up and meets with Armando outside Skids' room

Armando: How is she?

Meryl: Her shield is gone. Whether or not it's gone for good I can't say. Skids never been touched by anyone before. What Legion did scarred her. She's in no condition to be let back on the field.

Armando: Take care of her. She needs a friend by her side.

Meryl: What about you? How are you holding up?

Armando: To tell you the truth? I've been better. The bombs were a mistake. We underestimated Legion's pyrokinesis, and her necromancy. There was nothing in that report about tendrils either.

Meryl: You can't blame yourself, Arman.

Armando: Then who can I blame? I led an entire task force to their deaths, dozens of lives loss.

Meryl: They knew what they signed up for. We all knew what we were signing up for.

Armando: This is different. Legion is a whole new ballgame.

Meryl: Remembers back to Legion setting the Resistance members on fire Why do you think she left us alive? She could have killed us with ease.

Armando: That's what haunts me most of all. She could have, but she didn't. Friends of the Herald...

Meryl: Do you think she means Tori?

Armando: I'm positive. But herald of what?

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

Cut to: Kitchen

Madeira: Plays a few notes on her guitar while sitting down

Armando: Enters into the kitchen and listens to Madeira play

Madeira: Notices Armando and stops

Armando: Can't sleep?

Madeira: Can anyone?

Armando: Sits down across from Made I'm here if you need to talk.

Madeira: Puts down her guitar I don't know. Things were just simpler when it was just Carl, Melinda, and us. Ever since we lost them things has just gone to moon turds.

Armando: Hey, language.

Madeira: Seriously?

Armando: I'm always serious when I'm sleep deprived. I know it seems hard now, but we'll get through this. We always do, and once Vulture is taking down for good? Sky's the limit.

Madeira: Vulture isn't the real threat anymore. There won't be an Isafaro left if Legion has her way.

Armando: Thinks about Made's words

Cut to: Deadpool's Room

Deadpool: Hears a knock at his door What? Takes off chef apron and hat Who the hell stays up at this time of night? Answers the door to find Aminee on the other side BABY–! I mean Talks in a deep voice Baby! Cuts the act What brings you to my neck of the woods?

Aminee: I smelled food.

Deadpool: Yes, I always knew you women went crazy for a handsome guy who can cook.

Aminee: Can I come in?

Deadpool: Of course you can! Kick your feet up and make yourself at home.

Aminee: Enters the room and sniffs the air Mmm. Smells good.

Deadpool: Closes the door Oh, stop!

Aminee: What are you making?

Deadpool: Garfield's favorite dish! Rushes into the kitchen and back out with two plates of lasagna Lasagna.

Aminee: Where did you get the indigents to make this?

Deadpool: I have my ways.

Scene flashbacks to Deadpool killing a chef and taking his cookbook and indigents

Deadpool: Pulls out Aminee's seat

Aminee: Sits down

Deadpool: Pushes her in and then sits down across from her Dig in!

Aminee: Gulps down the food

Deadpool: I take it you and Garfield have some relation?

Aminee: I haven't had a real meal in days! I'm sick to death of the army rations.

Deadpool: This is why I just came on as a mercenary. I can eat whatever I want and don't have to subscribe to the 'army' ways of doing things.

Aminee: Why did you join the Resistance anyway?

Deadpool: They paid me.

Aminee: Is that all?

Deadpool: In my line of work that's all you need, and explosions, and a video game, and a movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Aminee: I would have thought the Vulture would be able to pay more.

Deadpool: You'd think so, and yet here we are.

Aminee: How did you become a mercenary?

Deadpool: You sure you want that story? Because we're talking about twenty-four years worth of comics here.

Aminee: I'm interested.

Deadpool: Well, in that case, it all started in New Mutant issue ninety-eight...

Cut to: Armory

Kragen: Continues to clean the weapons

Peter: Enters the armory You've been cleaning those weapons for a long time. I don't think they're going to get any cleaner.

Kragen: Looks at Peter, and then continues cleaning

Peter: A man of few words.

Kragen: What do you want?

Peter: I'm here to make sure one of Imai's best men is in top physical condition.

Kragen: He is.

Peter: They say a man's pride can be his greatest asset, and his greatest weakness.

Kragen: Pride is irrelevant in the face of death.

Peter: Is that what you and the others saw last night? The face of death?

Kragen: No.

Peter: Then what was it?

Kragen: Turns to face Peter God.

Cut to: Skids' Room

Meryl: Continues to comfort Skids

Skids: I want to go home.

Meryl: To the sewers?

Skids: No. I had a home before that. In Sector Six. Before they came.

Meryl: The Vulture.

Skids: They killed everyone, just like they did with my new family.

Meryl: You poor child.

Skids: Sits up I'm useless without my power. Useless! I can't protect any of you.

Meryl: You're not useless. You handle that gun pretty well. We all don't have powers here, and you don't need powers to be useful.

Skids: But I never had any training.

Meryl: When you feel up to it I can train you. You'll be a crack shot in no time, and who knows, maybe we can find out what Legion did to your powers and fix it. You're going to be all right, Skids.

Skids: Sally.

Meryl: What?

Skids: My name is Sally.

Cut to: Imai's Office

Imai: Working behind her desk

Armando: Knocks on the door Can I come in?

Imai: The door's open.

Armando: Opens the door and closes it behind him Have you contacted Jacobs?

Imai: Tori was nowhere to be found in Moon Valley when we called her folks. They said she left with Zira. They didn't say where. I don't know what that woman is up to, but it looks like you're going to have to fare without her help.

Armando: What about Hellsing?

Imai: They're on a manhunt for Bane. Those who aren't looking for Bane is staying in Hallowton to defend the city.

Armando: So, we're to square one?

Imai: Seems that way.

Armando: Legion is on the warpath and we can't do anything to stop her.

Imai: Now that's not true.

Armando: You have a plan?

Imai: It's a long shot, but... The Core has everything we need to take on Legion. Records, weapons, equipment. If we could take it–

Armando: Now wait a minute. Aminee and Deadpool barely got out of there in one piece, and now you want to go back?

Imai: We don't have a choice. We can't allow Legion to run a muck, but we don't have the equipment needed to fight her. The Vulture does.

Armando: After our last infiltration there's no way we're getting in there undetected.

Imai: That's where you're wrong. We have one edge over them.

Armando: And what's that?

Imai: The Golden Trio. We cut a deal with them and they can get us inside. They know the Core better than anyone else here.

Armando: Cut them a deal? They worked for the Vulture for years with no remorse for their actions.

Imai: The same Vulture that abandoned them when they failed to take out Tori and her squad. We offer them their freedom and they won't give us any trouble.

Armando: We don't have the firepower to take the Core. Legion made sure of that.

Imai: We'll improvise. Armando, this is our chance to take out the Vulture and Legion. Two birds with one stone.

Armando: Without Jacobs or Hellsing it's a suicide mission.

Imai: We're doing it with or without you, so you better make up your mind right now.

Armando: My team will need time to prepare, and Skids is a no go on any assignments for the time being.

Imai: Okay, but don't take too long. According to our intelligence Legion is entering Sector Nine. If she beats us to the Core they'll be nothing left for us to use.

Armando: It won't take long. Leaves Imai's office

Cut to: Briefing Room

Armando, Madeira, Kragen, Aminee, Deadpool, and Meryl are in the room talking.

Madeira: This is suicide! Imai is going to get us all killed!

Deadpool: If she can get me killed then collar me impressed.

Meryl: We get it, Wade, you can't die. The rest of us aren't so lucky.

Armando: Those are our orders. We use the Golden Trio to get inside the base, and then we take it. Use the resources there to fight off Legion.

Aminee: Just because we take the Core doesn't mean we'll have the resources necessary to beat that thing.

Madeira: Exactly.

Armando: I hear you, but we don't have many options. This operation is happening with or without us. Vulture made Legion, they must have something they can use to fight her. Vulture has been staying their hand to see what Legion can do, not because they can't fight it.

Meryl: I don't understand why Imai would agree to this mission. She struck me as a more reasonable person.

Kragen: Desperation.

Armando: Kragen's right. Legion has already taken out three sectors. Commander Jacobs is M.I.A., and to make matters worse Hellsing isn't able to help us. Things aren't looking good for us, but I know if we stick together we can do this. We can win this thing.

Deadpool: You really enjoy your heroes speeches. I do hope you actually have a plan this time.

Armando: Imai will be laying out the plan, but yes we have one. I know many of you are still suffering the aftermath of our last encounter with Legion. I can't ask you to take on this assignment so soon. If any of you want out, now's your chance. Neither I nor Imai will think any less of you.

Deadpool: Well, I'm in. What kind of a badass would I be if I missed the season finale?

Meryl: Me too. No way am I letting Legion put me on the shelf.

Madeira: Do you even have to ask? I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Kragen: Lead the way.

Armando: Looks to Aminee What about you?

Aminee: Is Ocelot going to be there?

Armando: There's a strong chance he will be.

Aminee: Then I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Armando: Okay, we're in agreement.

Skids: Don't I get a vote?

The six looks over to the doorway to see Skids standing there.

Meryl: Sally.

Armando: I was under the impression you were in no condition to return to the field.

Skids: I don't know what kind of condition I'm in. All I know is I want to help you guys. I may not be able to use my shield, but I can help in other ways. Let me help you.

Meryl: Are you sure?

Skids: I'm sure.

Armando: All right, then it's settled. I recommend you all get as much sleep as you can because tomorrow we're attacking the Core.



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Madeira Roberts
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
General Vulture
The Illuminati
Alexander Kross
Revolver Ocelot
Sergei Dragunov
Drake White
Ayanna Kaktas
Zach Tigerson

#10 The Core Season Finale

The scene opens up with Armando, Madeira, and Kragen entering the brig where Drake, Ayanna, and Zach are.

Drake: Oh, look who it is. Mr. Commando has come to pay us a visit.

Armando: We're here to make a deal.

Drake: A deal?

Ayanna: What kind of deal?

Armando: You help us get inside of the Core and we let you walk.

Drake, Ayanna, and Zach laugh.

Drake: You have a death wish.

Zach: Why should we help you?

Armando: As far as Vulture is concerned you're dead to him. This is your chance to be free, or you can rot in this cell the rest of your lives. The choice is yours.

The three prisoners look to one another and then back to Armando.

Drake: When do we leave?

Armando's Commandos JekXWAV

The group walks through the sewers as Drake leads.

Drake: Vulture had two tunnels dug into the sewers in Sector Six and Sector Eight in case anyone ever managed to do the impossible. Both are heavily guarded just like everything else in the Core, but not impossible to break through if you know where to look.

Armando: Speaks into the radio Kragen, are you in position?

Cut to: Sector Eight Sewers

Kragen: Affirmative.

Cut to: Sector Six Sewers

Armando: On my signal we storm the place. Puts down the radio Let's do this.

Drake and Ayanna leads the charge, being the first to draw the Vulture's fire, repelling the bullets with their blades making sure none hit the rest of the squad. Armando, Aminee, Deadpool, and Meryl follow behind with Resistance soldiers firing at Drake and Ayanna's flanks.

Cut to: Sector Eight Sewers

Upon hearing the gunfire over the radio, Kragen leads his own team to the other entrance inside the Core. Zach runs by Kragen's side, open firing on the enemy soldiers with Skids and a small army of Resistance soldiers behind them while Madeira produces an electromagnetic field to protect them from bullets.

Cut to: Sector Six Sewers

Drake and Ayanna cut down the last Vulture's guards blocking the secret entrance. Drake enters the command code to get the door open and looks to the others.

Drake: Hurry. It won't be long before the Illuminati seals everything off.

Armando and his team enters through the doorway and Drake closes it behind them locking them in. Armando turns around and bangs on the door.

Armando: What are you doing?!

Drake: You said if we helped you get in you'd let us walk. You're in, we're walking. Simple as that.

Armando pounds on the door a second time while Drake wraps his arm around Ayanna's shoulder and the two leave.

Cut to: Sector Eight Sewers

We see Zach punching in the same code and sealing Kragen's team off as soon as they enter. Madeira turns around to see the door is locked and is about to use her powers to pry it open when Kragen stops her.

Madeira: That bastard's leaving!

Kragen: Irrelevant. We're in.

Skids: We won't have any way to get back out.

Kragen: Neither will they.

The Illuminati: On speakers Welcome to the Isafaro Core. Prepare to die.

Poisonous gas enters through the vents and begins to fill the room.

Kragen: This is why I wear the mask.

Cut to: Core West Wing

Armando's Team covers their mouths and noses and proceed down the corridor looking for a way out. They come across another door that won't open and Armando attempts to kick it down to no prevail. Deadpool takes out his Katana, sliding them in to the crack and prying the door open allowing for the rest of the team to escape the deadly gas. They immediately run into fire as more Vulture's soldiers approach their position and attack.

Cut to: Core East Wing

Madeira blasts open the door to the next room and continues to protect the group from gunfire as the others fight back. Once the soldiers die they come back as undead and Kragen quickly throws a grenade in their direction to blow them to pieces. The Illuminati floods the room in response forcing Madeira to put down her shield in fear of getting everyone electrocuted. More soldiers enter the area and open fire at the group, several Resistance soldiers falling to the bullets as the rest pick up the dead Vulture corpses and use them as meat shields to fend off the enemy.

Cut to: Core West Wing

Deadpool takes the lead repelling the soldiers' bullets with his Katana blade while the rest of the team fire back.

Armando: Remember to aim for the head!

The group fights their way through Vulture's troops making it to a staircase and they proceed up the Core floor by floor fighting off any soldiers that get in their way.

Cut to: Core Lobby

Kragen's Team makes it to the lobby of the Core where they meet more soldiers with cyborg support. The group takes cover behind the tanks as the firefight ensues. Skids see the elevator not far from their position.

Skids: There's an elevator over there.

Madeira: It's too risky. The Illuminati could just cut the power.

Kragen: Staying here is risky.

Madeira: There has to be stairs or something we can take.

Skids: Can't you just magnetize it or whatever if it shuts down?

Madeira: Lift a big ass elevator up one-hundred floors? You may as well ask me to lift this tank with my bare hands.

Kragen: The tank!

Madeira: Plays a couple of notes on her guitar magnetizing the tank and turning the main gun on the Vulture soldiers clearing a path for the group to make it to the stairwell

Cut to: Core Staircase

Armando and the rest of his team are still running up the staircase.

Meryl: How long is this thing?

Aminee: This is ridiculous.

Armando: One-hundred floors isn't going to be an easy climb, ladies.

Deadpool: Wait, are we parodying Final Fantasy VII or Metal Gear Solid?

A gun camera attacks the group forcing them back down the steps.

Deadpool: Metal Gear Solid.

Aminee: They just thought of everything, haven't they?

Armando: Meryl, you brought chaffs?

Meryl: Takes them out Never leave home without them.

Armando: Have at it.

Meryl throws the chaff grenades jamming the gun camera and allowing the group to continue their ascent.

Cut to: Bottom of the staircase

Kragen and the rest kick in the door and sees Armando's team up ahead.

Kragen: Up there.

Madeira: Maybe the elevator would have been a better idea.

Skids: Too late to go back now.

The group runs up the steps to catch up with Armando's team.

Cut to: Core Top Floor

Armando's team reaches the top of the Core.

Armando: I don't want to do this, but we need to split up if we're going to cover more ground. Meryl, you take Deadpool and half our soldiers and find the computer system. See if you can shut the Illuminati down for good. Aminee and I will take the other half and pay our respects to the good General.

Aminee: Sounds good to me.

The group split up into two.

Cut to: Staircase

Kragen's team are still ascending the staircase.

Madeira: My feet are going to have so many blisters after this.

Kragen: Quit complaining!

Madeira: I'll complain as much as I want!

Skids: Sees more Vulture's soldiers following them Guys, we have company.

Madeira: Looks to see them, too Mother chibi!

Kragen: Keep moving!

The team keeps moving upward shooting at the Vulture's soldiers when they get too close.

Cut to: Core Central

Armando, Aminee, and the rest of the Resistance soldiers suddenly find themselves surrounded by Vulture's troops. The Vulture's troops pick off the remaining Resistance soldiers leaving only Armando and Aminee alive. They look up to see General Vulture, Revolver Ocelot, and Sergei Dragunov in front of them. Aminee glares at Ocelot while Armando keeps his glance on Vulture.

General Vulture: How nice of you to show up. Surely you didn't think you'd make it this far without us allowing it?

Armando: That was your first mistake.

The Vulture soldiers force the two to their knees and aim their weapons at the back of their heads.

General Vulture: The Vulture makes no mistakes. It was a bold move storming the Core, and even using the secret passages to get in. I can only assume that those ingrate experiments of mine helped you.

Aminee: Experiments?

General Vulture: Did you think the Golden Trio were born with such talents? No, they, like all things Vulture were engineered by me.

Armando: Like Legion. What kind of a sick man turns a little girl into a monster?

General Vulture: The same man who crushes all who oppose him! Misguided morals has no place here. The man with the best weapons and resources always come out on top over the weak and ethical. Only those willing to do whatever it takes to survive will live, and those who are not will die. Like the two of you. I believe this is enough monologuing. Kill them!

Before the soldiers can pull the trigger, Armando swings back his gun arm knocking the soldier with a gun to his head back into his comrades. With the same gun arm, Armando fires at the soldier holding Aminee at gunpoint allowing her to reclaim her twin pistols and fold her arms firing at both sides of the soldiers with Armando. The two clear the Vulture's troops while the General escapes into his office leaving Sergei and Ocelot to take care of them. Sergei charges at Armando and Armando in turn charges at him as the both begin to ram their fists into each other. Meanwhile, Aminee runs after Ocelot firing on his position. Ocelot spins around avoiding the bullets and throws his trench coat into the air and firing off two shots from his revolvers that hits Aminee in the stomach bringing her down to one knee.

Ocelot: Had I known all it'd taken to put you down were a couple of bullets, I would have shot you sooner.

Aminee: chibi you! Fires more shots at Ocelot

Ocelot: Spins yet again and kicks Aminee in the head when he gets close

Cut to: Computer Room

Meryl and Deadpool's group reach the computer room fighting their way through Vulture's soldiers. Many of their troops get taken out in the brawl, but in the end the Resistance comes out the victors and they see the main computer console for the Illuminati as well as Alexander Kross.

Meryl: Give it up, Kross. It's over.

Alexander: I agree. For you. Holds up his gun

The Resistance soldiers hold up theirs.

Deadpool: Walks towards Kross Give it up, Doc. You know that thing can't kill me.

Alexander: Oh, I know. Fires two shots at Deadpool's chest That's why they aren't bullets.

Deadpool: W-what did you do? Collapses to the floor

Meryl: WADE!

The Resistance soldiers open fire on Alexander, but all of their bullets miss despite their aim being perfect.

Alexander: Illuminati, seal them off.

An electric field traps the Resistance soldiers and their leaders inside the room as Alexander approaches them safely.

Alexander: I developed a vaccination to the mutant gene that plagues so many great people of Isafaro, and like all good things in the Crimson Vulture, we weaponized it. Just in case all those experiments of ours decided to revolt. All those injuries you experienced in your life? They're all coming back now that your healing factor is gone.

Deadpool: Y-you killed me with the plot of X-Men 3? You uninspired son of a bitch!

Meryl: Tending to Deadpool Wade, it's going to be okay. You're going to be okay.

Deadpool: Sorry, kid. This is the end of the line for me. Looks like Death and I will get to be together after all. A bittersweet ending to what was an epic life. Dies

Meryl: Stands up and looks at Alexander You bastard! Hits the shield and receives a shock that knocks her backwards

Alexander: I expect your friends will be meeting a similar fate soon. Did you really think you could shut down the Illuminati? It is the most powerful artificial intelligence in the world! It sees and hears everything. It's as important to Isafaro's life as breathing itself. What could you or anyone have done to disable the greatest invention ever created!

The Illuminati shuts down unexpectedly cutting the power to the Core and freeing Meryl and her soldiers.

Alexander: Looks towards the computer console What!? This isn't possible! Who could have–!

Meryl: Shoots Alexander in the back

Alexander: Falls to the floor

Meryl: Don't know. Don't care.

Cut to: Central Core

Armando picks Sergei up and runs forward before slamming him down into the ground. Armando gets on top of Sergei and punches him in the face, but Sergei blocks the blows with his arms and flips Armando over to his back placing his hands over Armando's windpipe and squeezing on it. Armando struggles to remove his hands with one arm while slamming his gun arm into his head. Sergei gets off him and while Armando gets up and prepares to fire at him, Sergei draws his pistol first and fires multiple shots into the gun arm's barrels jamming them and rendering the gun useless.

Armando: moon turds!

On the other side of the room Aminee throws a punch towards Ocelot only for Ocelot to catch the arm, but Aminee quickly slams a knee into his stomach and delivers a follow-up kick to knock him backwards. Ocelot quickly regains his footing in time to dodge two more strikes from Aminee and grabs her arm flipping her onto her back and pressing the heel of his foot down onto her throat while never letting go of the arm. Aminee grabs Ocelot's foot with her free hand and tries her best to remove it while being choked.

Armando swings his gun arm left and right at Sergei, but Sergei easily evades due to the weight of the gun arm and fires more shots from his guns into the chest of Armando. Armando drops down to a single knee with blood dripping down his chest as Sergei aims for the head. Armando quickly rolls to the side and charges at Sergei ramming his full body weight into the Russian and knocking him back down to the ground this time making sure to slam his gun arm repeatedly into the skull of Sergei.

Ocelot sees this and removes one hand off of Aminee's arm to reach for his revolver giving Aminee the chance to pull back on her arm flipping Ocelot over through the air. Aminee quickly gets up to a knee with both her guns and open fire on Ocelot; emptying both her clips into the chest of the old man and watching him drop dead to the floor.

Armando literally bashes in the skull of Sergei Dragunov, watching the blood flows from his battered head as he stands up and turns to see Aminee walking back towards him, looking down at the mess Armando made.

Aminee: You ask me it's an improvement.

Armando: You get your man?

Aminee: If you gave him a drink of water he'd be leaking all over the place.

Armando: Laughs and pats Aminee on the shoulder Let's go get that Vulture bastard and end this.

Armando and Aminee storms Vulture's office to see him standing in front of his desk. He turns around and stares the two down.

Armando: It's over.

Vulture grins and dashes towards Armando grabbing the gun arm and dissembling it in a matter of seconds leaving nothing but a nub in its place. Vulture jams Armando's in the throat and pushes him down the stairs in front of his office's door. Aminee draws both her pistols, only to watch the General dissembles both of them before she has a chance to use them and slams his fist into her face knocking her down on top of Armando. Meryl and the soldiers that accompany her finally make it into the room and raise their weapons at Vulture. Vulture quickly draws a sub-machine gun from his coat and fires on them first. Before the bullets could pierce their flesh, an electric field wraps around them and protects them from harm as Kragen's team finally catches up with the others and assists in firing on the General. This forces General Vulture to retreat back into his office as the others check on Armando and Aminee.

Meryl: What did that manic do to you?

Armando: He tore apart our weapons. We'll be fine.

Aminee: Where's Wade?

Meryl: He's dead.

Aminee: What?

Meryl: They had some kind of vaccine to revert the mutant gene. They shot him with it. Once Deadpool lost his healing factor years of punishment finally caught up with him. I'm sorry.

Aminee: No. No! He can't be dead, he can't be!

Skids: Guys, I really don't want to be that person, but we have a squad of Vulture's troops on our asses. We need to get moving.

Armando: Seal off the entrance to make sure they can't get in. We still have to deal with their leader.

The Resistance troops get to it immediately while Meryl comforts Aminee.

Madeira: How did you guys manage to shut down the Illuminati?

Meryl: We didn't. Someone else must have done something. How they did it I don't know, but I'm grateful.

Armando gets up to his feet and walks over to Aminee.

Armando: Aminee, I know it's hard, but I need you to keep your head in this thing just a little bit longer. Can you do that?

Aminee: Nods her head and stands up

Armando turns with the rest of his squad and looks towards the entrance of General Vulture's office.

Armando: Vulture! I said it's over! You can't fight off all of us!

A gunshot sounds off from inside Vulture's office. The team look at each other in confusion before Kragen and Meryl approach the door. Kragen kicks it down and Meryl enters with her gun at the ready only to find Vulture on the floor with a bullet wound in his head. The rest of the team enter the room to find the body.

Meryl: The bastard did himself in.

Armando: Goddammit!

Madeira: He got off too easy.

Kragen: Far from easy.

Skids: Does this mean we win?

Armando: Looks to his teammates It means the people of Isafaro never have to worry about being taken from their homes ever again.

We cut to a closeup of Vulture's head before everything fade to black.



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