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 Advanced Senshi: Sailor Solstice

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PostSubject: Advanced Senshi: Sailor Solstice   19th February 2015, 4:52 pm

Character Name: Titaia Aminta(Translates to Fire Protector)

Gender: Female

Age and Date of Birth: 623(About 19 earth years)

Appearance: In her civilian form, Titaia has ash brown hair that is styled into a twisted tail that hangs over her shoulder down to her waist. She has dark, sapphire blue eyes framed by thick dark lashes, a slim nose and full lips. She has a sweet, heart shaped face with high, defined cheekbones which gives her an unearthly look, as if she’s stepped out of a fairy tale. She’s average height with a small bust, thin waist and rounded hips. Most of her height is in her legs, as her torso is relatively short whereas her legs are long and toned.

Her day to day clothes usually consist of loose fitting but still feminine blouses and jeans and miniskirts with heels or comfortable flats. She enjoys wearing bright, warm colors and a lot of jewelry. Her clothing color scheme revolves around reds, oranges and golds with some blues and whites thrown in.
The only notable differences between Titaia’s senshi and civilian form is that her hair is in a thick braid and takes on more of a strawberry blond coloring to it, her eyes change color as well becoming more of a teal color.

Personality: Overall, Tataia is quiet, thoughtful and a natural born leader. She keeps to herself which often causes people to find her stuck up or, sometimes, intimidating. She enjoys an intellectual conversation and sometimes finds herself drifting off into a daydream. She has a hard time making new friends due to her intimidating demeanor. However, once someone gets passed that and gets close to her, they find that she’s very warm and loving, almost motherly. She’s also very quick on her feet, which helps her in tough situations though she’s got a fiery temper at times and this can get her in trouble.

Aside from this she’s also very humble, as a Princess should be. She accepts compliments gracefully but doesn’t allow it to go to her head. Though she accepts compliments, one of her biggest flaws is her lack of confidence in herself, and her recent thoughtlessness on her home planet has damped her confidence in herself as a person, as well as herself as a senshi. She tries not to let this affect her and her mission to find and return the Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru and she’s extremely determined to find the crystal.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Titaia is an empath, but only receives “information” from people through touch. She can control it most of the time, meaning she doesn’t always have to read someone’s emotions. The only time it is almost impossible for her to ignore it is when someone is feeling very strongly about something. Using her empathic powers can cause severe headaches and sometimes even nose bleeds.

She’s also an aligist, as is everyone on her planet. This makes intergalactic alliances easier to form because of the ability to understand every language.

 History: Tír na nÓg is a planet of beauty and prosperity throughout the land. The planet is split into two kingdoms, The Seelie Kingdom and the Unseelie Kingdom. The Seelie Kingdom is ruled by Queen Titania and her daughter Princess Titaia while the Unseelie Kingdom is ruled by Queen Mab and Princess Eira. It is Titaia’s job as Sailor Solstice and Eira’s job as Sailor Equinox to protect the planet and heart of Tír na nÓg, the Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru, a beautiful crystal that holds within it the life force of the planet. The Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru, much like the Ginzuishou, grants the people of both kingdoms of Tír na nÓg long lives which allows them to live for centuries.

Every fifty years  Sailor Solstice would relinquish her post as Guardian of Tír na nÓg to Sailor Equinox and travel to The City of Life, an underground city where the Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru is housed. There she would guard the crystal for fifty years before she and Sailor Equinox would switch places again and she would rejoin the surface world to protect the people from any outside force. This entire process was called The Tsubasa no jōto, the Transfer of Wings.

It was the eve of The Tsubasa no jōto, and the two kingdoms had come together to celebrate another century of peace and prosperity. A wonderful festival was put together in honor of the guardians of Tír na nÓg. Princes Titaia and Princess Eira took the night to enjoy themselves before jumping back into work. It was a night that Titaia would forever regret.

In her haste to see her mother and her friend, Titaia neglected to replace the protection wards around the the Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru, meant only to be placed during the time of The Tsubasa no jōto. Due to her folly Oberon, Titania’s jealous brother, stole the Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru and ran with it, taking it to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Without the Crystal, Tír na nÓg slowly began to die.
Titaia left her planet in the hands of Eira in order to find the missing heart of Tír na nÓg, following the diminishing trail of power to Earth.

Other Noteworthy Facts:

  •         For the longest time Tír na nÓg had one single guardian for both kingdoms. When Titaia was born, for some unexplained reason her starseed split into two separate crystals which is how Sailor Equinox came to be. This makes Titaia and Eira sisters in a sense.
  •          Due to her powers being connected to her planet, the longer Tír na nÓg goes without the crystal the weaker her power becomes. It would take nearly 1000 earth years for her powers to completely diminish and her planet to die without the crystal but she can still feel her powers weakening regardless.

Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)

Senshi Name: Sailor Solstice

Realm of Influence(s): Fire and light

Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Solstice Crystal Power! Make up!

Senshi Fuku:

Signature Colors: Red, black and gold

  •          Her fuku is a double layered dress that falls just below the middle of her thighs. The top layer is black and opened, lacing up with black ribbons at the bodice, the back is also laced up from her lower back to the middle of her shoulder blades. The second layer is red and both layers are strapless, wrapping snuggly around Solstice’s chest.
  •           She has a black, undecorated sailor collar and a golden brooch in the shape of Brigid’s cross.
  •          She lacks a front or back bow.
  •           Her choker is white with a black, triple spiral charm in the center.
  •          Around her arms, just above her elbows are two white, open sleeves attacked to two golden bands.
  •          Her tiara is a gold circlet around her forehead that lacks a jewel or ornament of any kind.
  •          Her boots are mid-length(coming up to her knees) and they flare out like flames around her legs. Their coloring is unique in the fact that they are a fiery gradient that start yellow at the top then darken to black at the toes.
  •         The final piece of her fuku is a pair of golden earrings that are made up of three, gold, tear drop shaped sections with red jewels making up a portion of the third section of the earring.


·         Solstice Burning Torrent: Solstice can summon a tornado of fire which crashes into her enemy and causes serious damage. This is one of her more powerful attacks.

·         Hyperion Beam: A beam of white light erupts from her fingertips(much like Sailor Venus’s Crescent V) and can be used to disorient enemies. This is more of a defensive attack as it causes temporary blindness, but it can also be used offensively.

·       Photonic Shroud: A dome of light surrounds her and anyone around her, protecting them from oncoming attacks. A completely defensive technique that can drain her energy and used only when absolutely needed too.
·         Solstice Inferno Lance: Using her staff, Solstice attacks an enemy head on. This close combat attack is achieved when the spear end Solstice’s staff is engulfed in flames which causes it to become red hot and an excellent tool for close combat.

Weapons or Magical Items:

The Solstice Staff- A golden staff with a silver-blue orb at the top and a triangular, prism shaped spear on the bottom. The orb at the top contains a fragment of the same energy that resides with in the Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru.
Solstice Transformation Brooch- This brooch allows her to transform into Sailor Solstice.

RP Sample:

Titaia sat on her roof, her sapphire eyes staring up at the endless sheet of diamond speckled darkness that was the night sky. Life was so much different on this planet than it was on hers and she wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it. She wished desperately that she had someone with her, someone to find comfort in, but she knew it was a selfish wish. Tír na nÓg was already without one protector, and it’s life force was missing. Should anyone feel the need to attack her beloved home Titaia knew that her planet wouldn’t stand a chance.

Exhaling a heavy sigh, Titaia’s dark eyes slipped shut. She felt an overwhelming sense of self-loathing as she remembered that it was her fault her home was in the position it was. If she had just remembered to raise the wards the heart of her planet, the Tsubasa no aru kurisutaru, would still be where it belonged and her planet wouldn’t be dying.

Her partner, Sailor Equinox, was counting on her, her mother was counting on her, and the countless people of the two kingdoms were all counting on her. If that wasn’t pressure, she didn’t know what was.


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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Senshi: Sailor Solstice   22nd February 2015, 10:14 am

Wow what a cool concept! I really enjoyed reading about her, I love that she seems so warm and motherly hehe. And her fuku is gorgeous xD It will be a lot of fun to see her in the RPG! Everything seems to be in order =)



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Advanced Senshi: Sailor Solstice

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