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 SMC Episode 16 Discussion [Spoilers]

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PostSubject: Re: SMC Episode 16 Discussion [Spoilers]   22nd February 2015, 1:00 pm

BETHIER OMG. I'm off to make gifs now.


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PostSubject: Re: SMC Episode 16 Discussion [Spoilers]   22nd February 2015, 1:02 pm

@Sailor CJ wrote:

Alright. I'm kidding. This episode was arguably better than the last one, but the animation was still really bad in some parts, like with nearly every frame Berthier was featured in (Koan got lucky in that regard). Unlike some fans who will ignore bad animation and story elements "because they're always there." I like to account for the bad animation every time, since this is an anime after all. I still think that the Blu Rays are obnoxious and terrible, but I won't likely be as offended at this one's Blu Ray edit, since most of the episode was fine on its own to begin with so I can see them doing what Blu Ray edits are actually supposed to do like adding elements to the background, etc.

Can someone tell Berthier she needs a better disguise?  I know she wore her bad guy outfit when speaking with the interviewer in the manga too but they've changed the outfits for other characters before in Crystal too.  Does no one stop to ask Berthier why she's wearing a bathing suit like outfit while playing chess? 

Quote :
Am I the only one who hates Crystal's Moon Princess Halation? It's the ugliest laziest stock footage attack I have ever seen.
It looked better than Shine Aqua Illusion in episode 15 where it was just Mercury moving weirdly against a black background.
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SMC Episode 16 Discussion [Spoilers]

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