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 Advanced Antagonist: Viluy

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PostSubject: Advanced Antagonist: Viluy   21st February 2015, 11:21 pm

Character name: Viluy
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Unknown (young enough to pose as a Mugen Academy student)

Used canons: Anime and Manga

Personality: Viluy is the smartest of the Witches 5, as she is head of the Science Club at Mugen Academy. She is a firm believer in science, relying on computers instead of love.

Unique Abilities/Skills: 
Viluy uses her Nano-Cuff to perform her attack "Mosaic Buster", where small Nanobots are summoned and attack her enemies.

History: Not much is known about Viluy before she joins the Witches 5, but it is hinted (anime-wise) that Viluy may have been a normal student at Mugen Academy.She is ranked at level 202 and is the third strongest member of the Witches 5.Viluy's mission is to extract the Pure Heart Crystals (anime) from the students using the Master Computer.She is tied with Ami Mizuno for the top marks of an exam. Her Nano-Cuff is damaged during battle and turns on her, eventually dissolving her.

Storyline specific information:
Pure Hearts: Viluy is known as Yui Bidou and Sailor Viluy in the prequel.

RP sample:


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Advanced Antagonist: Viluy

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