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 [Advanced] Listen to Your Heart

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Listen to Your Heart   25th February 2015, 8:36 pm

Name of the Storyline:  Listen to Your Heart
Name of the Creator(s): Crystalsetsuna
Forum: Tokyo City
Plot Summary:  Usagi's life has been happy ever since Galaxia was defeated, and she has thoroughly enjoyed her normal life with her boyfriend and her best friends, and spending time with her daughter from the future. She looks forward to graduating, getting married and founding Crystal Tokyo, spreading peace over the world. However her life is turned on its head when a girl appears from the sky, claiming to be her daughter with Seiya from another future! And has the pictures and powers to prove it. She's at risk of being wiped out, and has come to the past try and convince Usagi to choose Seiya instead of Mamoru so she won't fade out of existence. But if she chooses Seiya, Chibiusa will fade out of existence.

Now Usagi and company all have to cope with the implications of this newcomer. Mamoru must come to terms with the idea of his one true love being with another man, though he wishes only for her happiness. The girls are unsure of which choice would be better, as it seems this new girls world is just as happy and peaceful as Chibiusa's future. Seiya is of course alerted to this strange new development, and he comes back to Earth, having to deal with his feelings about this proof that he could be good enough for Usagi. And Chibiusa does not like this new girl who is so similar yet so different from her who seems to be threatening her future as the sole princess of Crystal Tokyo.

As Usagi gets to know her new daughter better over time, her choice of which man to pick becomes more difficult. How will she ever decide which family to have, as she teeters between making her own destiny and following fate's design. But eventually, she must make a choice.

Details on any necessary information:  Usagi, Mamoru, Seiya, Chibiusa and New Daughter are a must. Inner senshi are allowed, but if they don't have players, they'll be free for NPCing. Person who plays the new daughter has free reign on design and details of this new future with Seiya.

Restrictions: No otaku except the new daughter, and outer senshi are not needed.

Characters claimed thus far:

Usagi- Sailor Mercury
Seiya- Miss Moon Rose
Chibiusa- OuterHarmonie23
Daughter- CrystalSetsuna


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Listen to Your Heart   27th February 2015, 4:51 pm

Looks good! 



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[Advanced] Listen to Your Heart

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