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 [Advanced]Senshi: Sailor Aktypris/ Sanyu Taiyoukino

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PostSubject: [Advanced]Senshi: Sailor Aktypris/ Sanyu Taiyoukino   26th February 2015, 7:21 pm

Character Name: on Earth, Sanyu Taiyoukino, which means Happiness Of The Sun. Formally Princess Theia Solis of Kikoutei
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 16, born July 18th

Used Canons: Manga

Appearance: Slender build, about 5 foot 5 inches tall, typical teenager. Has bright gold-blonde hair with orange gradient on the edge of her bangs, which are fluffy and wavy, usually parted in the middle and brushed to the sides a little. Her hair is fairly straight and goes past knee length but is usually worn in a knee length braid which has a hot pink/magenta hair rubber band keeping the braid tied, which causes her hair to be extremely wavy when she undoes the braid. She has bright, deep blue eyes and can usually be found with a smile on her face. Also has a sun symbol tattoo/ birthmark on the outside of her left thigh.

Usually prefers the type of clothes you would wear in summer, light floaty materials and sheer fabrics. Typically can be found in a variety of casual clothes including dresses of various length, tops, short shorts, regular pants, skirts, and different types of bathing suits.

Also typically prefers the color bright pink, or else bright yellow golds, light blue and other summery colors. Will occassionally wear make up if she doesn't intend on getting in the water at any point, which would consist of lip gloss and eye shadow. Any jewelry she wears, which can consist of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets, will be gold, and usually have a sun motif.

When she is dressed formally, she goes all out. Usually prefers longer than floor length dresses, which will trail behind her on the ground. Tends to either wear spaghetti straps or else strapless. Still includes floating sheer material that is always incorporated somewhere. Will never wear high heels, but always wears some kind of sandals, which will sometimes have a small heel on it for more formal feel and a little extra height. In her princess form, she has the same sun symbol that is on her thigh on her forehead. Sometimes wears a small sunburst crown made of gold with diamonds or pale blue sapphires.

Personality: Sanyu is your typical teenager. Extremely playful, she firmly believes that everyone should be having fun and do things they like, and who could ever want to stop such a thing? She generally doesn't care much for sour pusses or very serious people, and usually tends to try and get them to loosen up and let go.

Sometimes her desire for fun can blind her to the more serious things, but she is usually easy to remind when there is business to be taken care of. She doesn't mind being a princess, but is fairly relieved she won't have to worry about carrying the bulk of the ruling responsibility, which falls to her elder sister. She can sometimes be rather silly and talky. But she can be a very determined person and often cares deeply for people if they get hurt or are sad.

She often enjoys loud parties with lots of dancing and a lot of people. She usually feels most comfortable surrounded by people, and sometimes get anxious and annoying when she's alone with only a couple of people. She also doesn't handle the cold very well, preferring to be toasty warm like when you are sunbathing. She also has a small fear of the darkness and generally prefers sleeping with one small candle lit or some kind of light.

She has a minor dream of taking one of the moons of Kikoutei and turning it into a place where rambunctious fun can always be found, with tons of beaches, and making this her own personal retreat, though she fails to realize she would have to take responsibility for such a place.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Dancing, her thigh symbol will sometimes glow when she's upset, being able to tell what type of things people enjoys, very good distance vision especially in bright areas. Fairly decent at playing keyboard.

History: Sanyu was born as the 2nd crown princess of the planet Kikoutei in the system Astraeus, which is a system away from the Solar System. She took on the powers of the high sun at her birth, while her sisters took on the powers of the setting sun and rising sun. She was raised just like her sisters, and taught about the basics of ruling a planet, as she would be expected to help her elder sister rule their system.

Quickly she developed a personality that cared more for fun and games, and is usually in motion. She first transformed into a sailor senshi when she was 5 years old, during her birthday party. She had been having fun celebrating it with her friends when a man ran in and tried to kidnap her elder sister and herself. Angry at having the fun interrupted and that he would try to hurt her family, she transformed into Sailor Aktypris and burned the man, freeing her sister and giving the guards a chance to capture the would be kidnapper.

After this, she also began participating in senshi training with her elder sister. When they were both strong enough, her at age 10 and her sister who was 15 years old, to help build their powers and their teamwork, they were sent to various planets in their system whenever a rebellion would break out or intruders began hurting the inhabitants of the planet. In this way, she and her sisters had their first brush with one of the agents of Chaos, a member of Galaxia's Animamates, a senshi who called herself Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. Sanyu was 14 years old at the time.

Were it not for her elder more experienced sister, and the help and support of her younger sister, the royals of Kikoutei would have been defeated. But they were able to drive away the Animamate, or so they had thought, not knowing the Animamate had actually been called away from her task of searching for starseeds by Galaxia. However because of the strenuous battle and damage caused by Heavy Metal Papillon, the king and queen of Kikoutei put the entire system into a deep healing sleep, using the power of their sun. they awakened nearly a thousand years later, their planets completely healed and their wounds gone.

When Sanyu was 16, she and her sisters felt a strange but beautiful and incredible power, stemming from one of the other systems. It only took a little investigation before they found out it was a radiation from a new kingdom called Crystal Tokyo, ruled by a couple called Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Wondering what they had missed during their sleep, compelled by their royal duty, and simply curious about this immense new power, the three sisters traveled to Earth to meet the royal couple and their young daughter.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Zodiac sign- Cancer
Blood type- B
Favorite gem- Diamond and Sunstone. Gold
Favorite flower- Yellow Dahlias
Favorite subject- Music
Least favorite- Government studies
Favorite food- Gelato and iced tea
Least favorite food- raw seafood

Storyline Specific Information: Optional! To be filled in during storylines, not before! This section is for you to detail information about your character that is specific to a certain storyline(s). Fill out this section with each separate storyline, so you don't have to send multiple character profile applications for the same character.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Aktypris
Realm of Influence(s): Sun and heat.
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Bright Aktypris Blaze, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku:

On her forehead she wears a gold tiara with an oval deep orange stone. Around her neck is a thick bright yellow choker and yellow collar with 3 white stripes. Her main fuku consists of a white leotard with breast shield underneath, with a yellow gold piping around her waist, with a bright blue piping underneath it, and a gold star that sits at the point of both piping. Her skirt is white with a yellow and blue stripe along the bottom. She wears loose elbow length gloves with 3 thick yellow gold piping bands.

Her front bow is the standard bow, which is colored bright blue with a yellow gold star brooch, from which dangles a bright blue sun gem. She has a large sheer blue back bow with long trailing ties. On her feet, she wears sandals with gold straps that wrap around her legs and feet.

Powers: Sun Flare Ball- an attack where Aktypris summons a ball of light she can control. If it touches anything, it'll release a large shockwave that will usually knock whatever is nearby back, and possibly knock people out. Can be expanded to be used as a shield.

Burning Luminous Shower- an attack where she touches her sun symbol and takes away an energy form of it. She throws it high in the air, where it hovers and rains down a barrage of multiple streams of light, each causing damage and varying degree of burns.

Solar Storm Pulsar- her most powerful attack, where she touches her brooch with the tips of her fingers on both hands and closes her eyes. Her brooch and sun symbol begin glowing brightly, which spreads to surround her entire body. She opens her eyes and the glow around her pulses brightly, blinding anyone who stares directly at her and covering their body in 3rd degree burns.

Shining Hidden Spectrum- An defensive move where she touches her sun symbol and then spins her hand, using her finger to draw a circle around her. As she does this, she bends the light to render her and/or anything within the circle invisible to all forms of detection, including infrared.

Weapons or Magical Items: Aktypris Sun Wand- used to transform into her senshi form.

RP Sample: Sanyu sat inside the palace on Kikoutei, glumly leaning her forehead against the cool window as she watched the sheeting water outside. She let out a groan of anguish. She had been stuck inside for nearly a day and a half, she had listened to all the music she had, played her keyboard until her fingers hurt, and she was still so BORED. She hated the overcast sky, all grey and gloom. She wished the sun would come back out, bright and warming. She shivered a little and got her blanket, wrapping it around her as she paced her room sulkily.

She couldn't sit still. She had tried spending time with her elder sister and parents, but they were busy discussing some treaty with the next planet over. And she couldn't find her younger sister anywhere. What did it take to get some company in this palace?! It was almost enough to make her cry. Once again she thought of one of the mostly uninhabited moons that circled Kikoutei, Theros, where she could turn it into her own personal retreat that would never be cloudy, always sunny. She closed her eyes, practically feeling the warm glow of the sun and she sighed dreamily.

Then she opened her eyes, and realized why she felt so warm. Her younger sister was standing in front of her, transformed into her senshi form, and holding a ball of light in front of her that was radiating a gentle warmth, like the first rays of the sun. her eyes lit up a little, and she grinned at her sister, an expression that was returned. She slowly took the blanket off and moved over to her sister, bending slightly to look the younger girls in the eyes. “Wanna have a dance party with me?” She asked, smiling brightly at her sister.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced]Senshi: Sailor Aktypris/ Sanyu Taiyoukino   27th February 2015, 5:16 pm

This looks good to me!



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[Advanced]Senshi: Sailor Aktypris/ Sanyu Taiyoukino

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