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 [Relaxed] The Hero's Ghost

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] The Hero's Ghost   27th February 2015, 2:06 am

Name of the Storyline: The Hero's Ghost  
Name of the Creator(s): Sailor Mercury & JupiterThunderCrash
Forum: Crystal Tokyo
Plot Summary: Hundreds of years ago, before Kira Alderran became Sailor Andromeda, there had been a myth about another Sailor Andromeda. The first one that became forgotten along with the legend of the sea monster that Kira eventually faced. The creature did not surface for the first time in Kira’s lifetime. In fact, it used to come around every 300 years. And each time, it would take a young woman’s life before it became satisfied and returned to its slumber. Kira finally ended the threat of the creature when she awakened as a sailor guardian, but before her, there had been another.

The first Sailor Andromeda wasn’t quite so lucky. In her time, she was newly awakened and inexperienced, doubtful. She had her legendary weapon and everything she needed to fight against the monster, but she lacked the confidence and faith in herself; two tools that she needed more than anything else. Despite being a warrior herself, she thought she needed someone’s help to win the battle. She thought she needed a man’s help.

On his travels, guardian Perseus visited the Andromeda star and came across a damsel in distress. Unable to abandon her, he offered his help to Sailor Andromeda. Together, they went to fight the sea monster. However, Andromeda’s doubts and lack of faith in herself became her downfall. Even with Percy’s help, she could not overcome the creature. The sea monster devoured her, and, satisfied with getting the star seed of the planet’s protector, it went back into deep slumber.

Percy left the planet feeling defeated and ashamed of his failure. He could not protect Andromeda and had let her die. As an attempt to rid himself of the guilt, he started making stories about how he’d saved Andromeda from the monster instead, stories that soon became more and more exaggerated.

Hundreds of years passed. A new Sailor Andromeda was born, and this time, she did slay the sea monster. By herself. When the new Andromeda pays a visit to Crystal Tokyo, she crosses path with Percy, who, three hundred years since losing the battle, is now facing a ghost from his past.

Details on any necessary information: Takes place during the Crystal Tokyo era, after the events of the Return to Zenar storyline.

Restrictions: Only for Sailor Andromeda and Perseus, everyone else will be NPC.


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Hero's Ghost   27th February 2015, 4:51 pm




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[Relaxed] The Hero's Ghost

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