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 [Advanced] Senshi: Queen Aurora/Sailor Dream

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Queen Aurora/Sailor Dream   14th March 2015, 3:59 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Queen Aurora
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 23 // Birthday unknown
Used Canons: The Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Appearance: Aurora is quite tall and has – despite she’s slender – a feminine body with an hourglass-shaped torso. She has fair skin and long, wavy blond hair which is said to be “sunshine gold”. The bangs of the loose hair cover her forehead a bit.
Aurora’s heart-shaped face is adorned with blue almond eyes which often look dark from afar. These are framed by her brown eyebrows. Furthermore she has a slight button nose and full rose-red lips.

She mostly wears a beige blouse with a white collar and three-quarter length sleeves. Over this blouse she wears a black laced bodice. Her legs are covered by a grey long skirt with a petticoat right under it. When she goes outside she puts a ruby cape on her shoulders. Funnily she never wears any shoes and runs barefoot. Her outfit is topped off with a black headband right on her wavy hair.

On occasion of her birthday Flora, Fauna and Merryweather made her a present of a beautiful floor-length evening gown. The color of the dress varies between pink and blue due to a disagreement between Flora and Merryweather concerning the color of the dress; the color changes during the whole movie. However, the strapless dress has long sleeves which are lighter than the main color. The torso of the dress is the darkest part of the dress; it’s some shades darker than the main color and has three vertical seams in the front. The lower part shows the main color of the dress; however, the part which connects the upper with the lower part is as light as the sleeves and exhibits a zigzag pattern. Under the dress, she wears a petticoat and for accessories she wears a golden crown and choker.

Personality: As time went by, Aurora evolved into a graceful and elegant young lady. Her manners towards others are kind and polite. And even though she grew up in a forest and had no education, she is very sophisticated.
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather always told her not to chat with strangers, that’s the reason why she is very shy and partly cold towards Philip at the beginning. But nevertheless she always behaved polite towards him; she is a kind-hearted person by nature (e.g. Quotes: "Oh, you darlings! This is the happiest day of my life! Everything's so wonderful!" // "What are you three dears up to?")

During her trip through the forest she came across some animals that were fascinated by her beautiful chant. It gets clear that Aurora is very animal-friendly, as soon as one sees how she converses with them. Later she tells them she’s searching for her Prince Charming but doesn’t get the chance because she feels treated like a child by her aunts. This shows that she is a hopeless romantic and furthermore it gets clear that it’s her dream to meet her one true love. Her tone towards the animals is very loving and gentle during the whole chat.
Aurora believes in the power of dreaming; she is convinced that dreams come true (e.g. Quote:

"They say, if you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true... and I've seen him so many times.") and that true love is powerful enough to conquer everything.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Aurora is a great singer. She has the range of a soprano and sings in the style of an opera singer. Her singing entertains everyone, even animals.
History: Aurora is the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah; she was the biggest wish the King and the Queen had. On occasion of the birth of their most precious possession, they decided to arrange a big holiday in the kingdom. During the festival the inhabitants of the kingdom visited the castle to give Aurora little gifts. The three fairies – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather – were in on it as well. Flora gave her the present of beauty, Fauna gave her the present of song. When Merryweather wanted to present her gift, Maleficent appeared. With a spirit of mischief she cursed her.
“Before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger on a spindle of a spindle wheel and die!”
The kingdom was horrified. However, they couldn’t break the curse; not even the fairies were able to do so. But Merryweather still didn’t present her gift and so she decided to give the kingdom a light of hope. The spell shall break as soon as her one true love will kiss her – this was her gift.
To be on the safe side, the kingdom burnt every spinning wheel and the fairies decided to rear Aurora deep in the forest, so that she couldn’t get the chance to come in contact with a spindle.
The years passed by and Aurora grew up to a graceful, young lady who went by the name of Briar Rose. On her 16th birthday Flora, Fauna and Merryweather kicked her out of the house to plan a little birthday party; she was said to pick some berries. While she walked through the forest, she started to sing and to chat with the animals. After a while due to a bunch of coincidences, she met Prince Philip who was chasing the animals. They immediately fall in love and arranged to meet each other later by night.
Meanwhile the three fairies were arranging the party; they baked a cake, designed a dress, cleaned the house, etc. But Flora and Merryweather had a great disagreement concerning the color of the dress; Flora wanted it to be pink while Merryweather wanted a blue dress. All the time they used their wands to color the dress the way they wanted it. Maleficent’s crow – who had the order to find Aurora – saw the pixie dust coming from the chimney and so he got to know where they lived over the 16 years.
When Aurora came back home she saw the beautiful gown, the cake and her “aunts” and was very happy. She wanted to tell them about the boy she just met when they suddenly told her she is the Princess of the kingdom – Princess Aurora – and not Briar Rose. Aurora got depressed because she could never see the boy anymore. With a bad mood she and the fairies went to the castle where everyone waited longingly for the princess. However, before the great return, she had to wait for a while until everything was arranged. During her stay in a room of the castle a green light sent by Maleficent suddenly appeared and led her through the castle. After passing many paths the light transformed into a spindle wheel where she eventually pricked her finger and fell asleep. The fairies were horrified when they saw it but got some hope when they remembered Prince Philip – the boy Aurora fell in love with. After he got free from Maleficent's dungeon and finally killed her, they brought him to the castle, so that he could kiss her. Due to his kiss and the fact that he is her one true love she eventually awakened.
On occasion of all the great events, they started a big celebration in the castle with a ball and many other things.

Philip and Aurora lived happily together for the next seven years. Just after these events they decided to marry. Philip and Aurora became the King and the Queen of the kingdom and a few years later they had a child; a little boy called Thomas. The three lived their prime of live; however, all good things come to an end. Maleficent, who got killed during the fight between her and Philip, got reincarnated due to an unknown authority. She killed the inhabitants, destroyed the houses and fields and eventually she kidnapped the King and his son; Queen Aurora got left behind with the rubble of the castle.

Storyline Specific Information:
[Advanced] Helpless Girls:
Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Dream
Realm of Influence(s): Hypnotism, Illusion
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Dream Princess Power, Make Up!

Senshi Fuku:

Sailor Dream's main colors are pink and blue. The Fuku colors shall show a connection to her Princess dress which also is pink and blue (varies between these two colors because of Flora and Merryweather). She has a pink collar with three stripes, as well as pink earrings, pink sleeves, a pink brooch, pink shoes and a pink gem in the middle of her silver tiara. Furthermore the main part of her two-tiered skirt is pink, just like the end of the gloves. In contrast the Fuku shows blue accents, for example at the front and back bow, the second tier of the skirt and at the choker; the shoes also have blue accessories.
But also a signature color is the color white. Her bodice and her gloves, as well as her pearl barrettes in the bangs are white.


  • Princess Phantom Flash – The person who gets attacked suddenly sees thousands of Sailor Dreams in front of them and can’t decide which one is the real one. (Especially effective when enemies want to attack her)

  • Conjuring Truth Bolt – Sailor Dream shoots her arrow towards the targeted person. As soon as she hits them the person can’t say anything but the truth.

Weapons or Magical Items:

  • Dream Crystal (since she is Sailor Dream)
  • Transformation Brooch
  • Illusionary Arrow
  • Illusionary Bow

The last two mentioned items appear during her attack "Conjuring Truth Bolt", it functions like the bow and arrow of the attack "Mars Flame Sniper" (Means: No permanent available weapons; while exerting the attack only)

Guardian: None.
RP Sample:
Slowly she opened her eyes and sat up. On the left Aurora saw her beloved husband Philip who seemed to be still asleep. As quiet as possible she laid her blanket aside, stretched herself and eventually got up to part the curtains. A bit sleepy she entered the balcony in her pajama where she already heard the birds singing. “Good morning, my dear friends!,” she saluted them and smiled.
Aurora leaned onto the railing of the balcony and looked down to the beautiful kingdom. “Everything’s so peaceful – don’t you think?” A hearty laugh was coming from the balcony.
A sudden knock at the door knocked Aurora out of heaven. “Come in!,” she said warmheartedly and spun around to see who was standing in front of the door. When the door opened she saw a man in a uniform with quite an earnest expression.
“Good morning, Your Highness! I’m sorry to disturb your beautiful morning. I just wanted to let you know that your son is asking for you.”
Before saying anything Aurora welcomed him with a charming smile. “Oh, good morning! Don’t worry, I’ll hurry up to Thomas immediately!”The uniformed man nodded and was about to leave.
He stopped walking and turned around with a startled expression. Did he do anything wrong? “Yes, Your Excellency?,” he said with a queasy feeling about it.
“Don’t be so serious all the time. You should smile more often. It looks better on you.”
Expecting the worst he was relieved when his Queen just asked him to smile a bit more. “Why certainly!,” Adam said and smiled. He eventually turned around and closed the door.
In the meantime Aurora bid farewell to her feathered friends and slowly left the balcony. “I have to go now. Enjoy yourself!” She shut the curtains once again and sneaked back into the room. However, before leaving she stopped in front of the bed and bent down to her husband. “Good morning, darling! Get up soon, your son and I want to have breakfast with you later,” she said after kissing him on his forehead.
Aurora sneaked out of the room and finally hit the road to her son’s room. And after passing several corridors, staircases and doors she eventually saw the opened door to Thomas’ room in front of her. Gently she knocked on the door and peeked out. “What’s the –?,” she started asking but interrupted herself when she saw Thomas crying in his bed with a maid sitting next to him. “Oh, sweetie, what’s wrong?” With open arms Aurora ran towards his bed and gave him a hug. “What happened?,” she asked while petting his head.
“I – I had a – a nightmare!,” the three year old boy stuttered amid tears. He sighed and embraced his mother. “I’m afraid, mummy!”
“Oh, don’t be afraid, darling! It was just a dream. You are in a safe place! Nothing will ever happen to you!” Aurora brushed her son’s tears away and kissed him very gently on the forehead. “And now stop crying. You are a big boy like Daddy, aren’t you? Big boys don’t cry. They overcome their fear and…strike…back!”
Aurora darted at her son and started to tickle him. Lightning-quick his tears dried and he started laughing. “Mummy, stop!”, Thomas shouted. “Stop or I’ll strike back! Like a big boy!”
Their game went on for quite a while until Thomas was too exhausted to continue. “Phew, I’m exhausted,” he said while he smiled.
“Oh, really? Then let’s go to the hall. Daddy is probably already waiting for us,” the beautiful queen said and reached her hand for her son’s hand. Hand in hand they walked down the corridor towards the hall.
“I love you!”
“I love you too, sweetheart!,” Aurora said smilingly in the middle of the corridor.


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Title : ✖ The name's Vivid
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Queen Aurora/Sailor Dream   27th March 2015, 2:27 pm

This one is ready for review Smile


stop worrying about what other people think ~ batgirl's bts buddy
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Queen Aurora/Sailor Dream   11th April 2015, 10:30 am

She is a sweetheart xD I always loved Aurora as a kid hehe I really enjoyed how you included quotes in her bio, I thought that was pretty cool hehe =) Her Truth Bolt is interesting, too! I bet that will be fun to use in an RP xD

Everything looks great =)



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[Advanced] Senshi: Queen Aurora/Sailor Dream

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