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 [Advanced] Crossover: Makoto Kino

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Crossover: Makoto Kino   16th March 2015, 11:11 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Makoto Kino
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Age: 16, Birthday: December 5th
Used Canons: Manga and 90s anime
Appearance: Makoto is with a height of 5’6” pretty salient when she is with her friends. She has wavy brown hair and wears it in a ponytail which is fixed by a hair tie with two green pearls on it. Beside her bangs only two strands of hair are out of the ponytail, one at each side right before her ears. She has fair skin and green eyes but they often look hazel or brown from a distance. The only accessories she wears are small pink rose-shaped earrings. Although she is very strong her body still looks feminine and well proportioned. Makoto is busty; during the episode in which they discuss about the Snow White Play it’s also stated that she has the curviest figure of them.

Her clothes are mostly green or in natural colors like brown and beige. She often wears sporty and comfortable clothes which look quite androgynous. Besides that her tops often have a turtle neck collar. Makoto wears every kind of clothes (e.g. pants, skirts, dresses, sleeveless tops, long-sleeved tops, etc.) in her everyday life. For special events she also wears elegant fancy dresses, though.

Personality: Makoto is – just like her fashion style – quite androgynous: She has some male and female features in her personality. On one hand she is really strong and she also uses this if she or someone who is close to her is in danger. She is almost fearless and very upfront which isn’t a typical female feature since women rather gossip. But on the other hand she’s also very female. Makoto often acts like a housewife and has a penchant for flowers and gardening. Besides that the way she dances look very graceful as well as her ice figure skater style.
As already mentioned Makoto is a very strong and brave young woman who has a high self-esteem. She often puts herself out for the weaker and protects them even if that means she has to fight. That’s why many people who don’t really know her are afraid of Makoto and keep her distance. This is the reason why she always was lonely before she met Usagi and the others. Everyone was afraid of her and because her parents died because of an accident, she had no one. That could be the explanation why Makoto has such a strong personality – the only person she could rely on was herself.
Makoto is a kind of person who hears by heart and not by logic. When she is in a difficult situation, she does what feels right instead of what is right. So you can say, she puts her feelings over logic and rationality.
Furthermore she “falls in love” very easily. As soon as a boy, who reminds her of her ex-friend, passes by she starts crushing on them. But it’s nothing serious.
Makoto has a problem with air planes which was caused by the terrible accident when she was young. Due to this accident her parents died and from this day she was on her own.
Additionally Makoto is not a very good student; her grades are often similar to Usagi’s. Only in Home Economics she is exceptional good. That’s also because she always was alone - she had to do all the chores in the household and so she got better and better. She is also quite athletic.
It's her dream to get married and she also wishes to open a flower and cake shop in the future. To get some experiences for her dream job Makoto joined the cooking club and the gardening club at her school. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Makoto is a good cook – all the food she eats is made by herself. In general Makoto is really talented in things which concern household and crafts. Besides that she is a good dancer and ice figure skater. Makoto is a good fighter as well, that’s because she practices karate and is very strong by nature.

History: Makoto was reared up by her parents until they died because of an terrible airplane accident. From then she was on her own and had to manage the hard duties of life. She learned how to keep the house and how to defend herself and others when things were getting tough. For the most part of her life she spent her days alone; however, this changed until she met Ami, Rei, Minako and eventually Usagi. They became best friends and now they're a kind of surrogate family to her. They grew dear to her heart and Makoto would do everything for them.

Other Noteworthy Facts:

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Right or Left Handed: Right
Favorite colors: Green and sugar pink
Favorite food: Cherry pie and meatloaf
Favorite gem: Emerald
Favorite subject: Home economics
Least favorite subject: Physics
Favorite animal: Horse
Favorite Flower: Lily of the valley

Storyline Specific Information:

Usagi the Vampire Slayer:

RP Sample:
This night was one of those nights Makoto always looked forward to. A while ago Minako came up with the idea to have a girls’ night out and Makoto decided to provide her apartment for the sleepover.

This was two weeks ago and now she stood in her living room and started to prepare everything for the sleepover. While she did so she suddenly remembered that she still had to buy the snacks and some ingredients for the cake she wanted to bake. Good job, Mako. You would be the one to forget!

A bit upset she left her apartment and hit the road to the supermarket. On her way she tried to calm down and enjoy the nice weather. However, unsuccessful. Only two more hours until the girls arrive! She turned the corner and could already see the supermarket. Makoto was totally focused on the building when she suddenly heard a yell. What was that? She tried to locate the place where the yell came from and turned to the left into an alley.

When she arrived she saw three big boys kicking a smaller boy who already laid on the ground. “What are you dunces doing there?,” she said in a serious, almost threatening, voice. “You will stop now and leave him alone!”

The boys took a peek at her but it didn’t take long until they turned around and started kicking again.

“Hey! Are you deaf?,” she slowly started to shout. “I said you should leave him alone!”

“Otherwise?,” one of them said coolly.

Makoto got angry, already clenched her hands and had to pull herself together that she won’t lose her head. “Wrong answer,” she said as cool as he did before.

The boys looked quizzically at each other and before they knew what was happening, Makoto gripped one of the boys’ arm and dragged him to the ground. She looked to his friends. “Who’s next?”

No sooner than she said that the boys started running for their life. Makoto smiled. Why do I always have to turn violent to stop these daredevils? She took a deep breath, turned around and reached for the small boy’s hand. “Are you alright?,” she said and smiled.

The boy nodded and stood up. He gave thanks to her and was in the act of walking away. “Keep your tail up,” she eventually said.

After the boy left the alley Makoto went to the supermarket. “And initially I just wanted to buy some snacks,” she muttered to herself when she entered the building. She consulted a watch. “Dang! Only one and a half hours left!”


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Crossover: Makoto Kino   18th March 2015, 10:33 am

Makoto is so fun to read about hehe I love how in depth you went with her personality, that was very nice! The RP sample was great too, it's always awesome when Makoto goes and defends people xD

I think everything looks in its place =)



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[Advanced] Crossover: Makoto Kino

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