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 [Advanced] Senshi - Elsa / Sailor Snowflake

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Elsa / Sailor Snowflake   17th March 2015, 6:23 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Queen Elsa of Arendelle, the Snow Queen
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 22 (December 21 - the winter solstice)

Used Canons: This character is based on no Sailor Moon canon, but is primarily based on Disney's Frozen film from 2013 and Disney's Frozen Fever short from 2015.

Appearance: Elsa stands at 5'4"/163cm, although her excellent posture and wearing of high heeled shoes tends to make her seem taller. She has a moderately-sized bust and hips with a narrow waist. Her skin and hair are pale, potentially a result of her ice magic. She wears her blonde hair pulled back into a French braid from the right side of her head at the crown to the left side of her head behind her ear. The thick braid hangs over the front of her left shoulder. A number of small snowflake jewels decorate the braid. She has layers of bangs that are pushed back from her hairline in rather messy waves, with a few small pieces often falling forward. Her sapphire eyes are highlighted with violet eyeshadow, and she frequently wears a raspberry pink lip colour.

Most frequently, Elsa wears a dress made from her powers of ice and snow. It consists of a pale blue bodice with a sweetheart neckline attached to a close-fitting floor-length skirt with a thigh-high slit on the right side. This bodice is covered in rectangular ice-like details that make it shimmer and glitter when the light catches it. The skirt has what appear to be metallic threads lending similar properties to that portion of the dress. Below the bodice she wears a sheer off-the-shoulder long-sleeved layer of an even paler blue. This layer has snowflake and round ice details that look almost like beads. A long glittering cape with a snowflake emblem is attached to the top of the bodice under her arms and around the back. It fans out behind her like a train. She wears high-heeled pumps made of ice, also featuring snowflake designs.

Personality: Most people would describe Elsa as reserved, serious, and mature. She often seems too perfect a queen--always poised and regal in any situation. This hides her emotional turmoil. Elsa spent so much of her life living in fear of others discovering her powers that she has not yet figured out how to live without all that fear. She's quick to internalize issues or uncertainty, mulling over it rather than seeking help or consultation from others. It's hard for her to trust, even though she's working on it.

Despite her icy exterior, Elsa is a warm and caring person. When she likes someone, she welcomes them wholeheartedly, flaws and all. She loves Anna unconditionally, and would do anything for her dear sister now that they have been reunited. When she can accept someone as a friend, she treats them like part of her family. Sometimes it's hard for her to make the first step, but if another person asks her for help, she will never turn them down.

She feels a strong sense of duty to her kingdom, especially now that she is accepted by her subjects. Elsa believes in justice and fairness, doing her best to practice both as ruler of Arendelle. She devotes her time and effort to supporting the people who live in her country, ensuring that it is a good place to live. Some people feel that Elsa works too hard, but she feels that she owes it to the place and people that she once accidentally harmed.

Elsa's sense of humor tends to catch other people off guard. They don't really expect their cool and collected queen to make silly puns. It's just a bit below the surface, and it becomes more obvious if Elsa is feeling relaxed and comfortable. She particularly likes to tease Anna in a friendly "big sister" manner.

Most people would never suspect that Elsa is a very sensitive and insecure person. She pretends to be refined and self-assured so that her kingdom will respect her. However, she takes comments and criticisms personally, and it is not uncommon for her to cry--although she would never admit to it. She tends to be a worrier. Although she is more self-confident than she was before her coronation, she still has doubts about how good of a person she truly is. She doesn't see the best in herself.

When Elsa feels hurt or afraid, she tends to turn inwardly. She can seem to be unfeeling and uncaring towards others if she is feeling poorly about herself. She knows that shutting other people out of her life is not a good thing to do, but she's had lots of practice doing it. Sometimes it's easier than letting people get close to her. It's her most frequently used defense mechanism.

Elsa is most confident and happy when using her magic. It's one of the few times that she feels free and at ease with herself. She enjoys the act of creating with ice and snow, especially if she can make something that will be appreciated by others.

As a sailor soldier, Elsa uses her diplomatic and strategic skills gained from being Queen of Arendelle and her assurance of her magical powers to fight with logical tactics and strength. She is quick to understand and anticipate enemy plans, and she has excellent control of her own attacks. She is a capable leader or a devoted follower, depending on the situation at hand. However, her devotion to her sister Anna can sometimes make her single-minded during battle. If Anna is in danger, Elsa will not hesitate to do anything to save her sister.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Elsa manipulates magic related to ice and snow. She is able to freeze objects with a touch. She can also send this magic flowing from her fingers across distances. She can create objects and structures made of snow or ice. It's possible for her to conjure creatures with independent wills and personalities, as she did with Olaf or Marshmallow. She can freeze the surfaces that her footsteps touch. She can form weather-related phenomena such as storms or wintry winds. Elsa's ability to control this magic is dependent on her mental state. If she is unwell, afraid, or upset, her powers may activate without her control.

History: Elsa possessed ice-related magic from a very young age. She enjoyed a close friendship with her younger sister, Anna. Anna adored her older sister and constantly entreated Elsa to create snow and ice for their amusement.

One fateful day, five-year-old Anna was accidentally injured by Elsa's magic when the two were playing. Elsa watched in horror as the ice that struck her sister's head began to freeze her entire body. Upon discovery of their daughters, the King and Queen rushed to the trolls, hopeful that these legendary creatures could save Anna from death. Thankfully, they could--but at a cost.

All knowledge of Elsa's magic was removed from Anna's memories. Elsa could no longer be herself around her best friend. More importantly, Elsa no longer trusted herself and the magic she controlled. Traumatized, she kept herself away from Anna, afraid of hurting her or anyone else again.

Her well-meaning father tried to teach her to control her powers, but the magic grew stronger as she aged. It reacted without her conscious thought or effort. A mere touch of her fingers caused ice and frost to spread. The more she feared it, the stronger it manifested, until she could no longer be sure that she could protect anyone from herself. Her parents tried to coax her through this ordeal, but they were not magic users and could not understand her experience. Soon she withdrew even from them.

When she was eighteen, her parents were killed while away from the kingdom. It was then that Elsa became truly alone. She refused to even attend their funeral. In the years that followed, she hid herself away in the castle, barely interacting even with servants. She sometimes watched Anna, wistful and longing for the friendship they had once shared, but she never dared to interact with her or anyone else. Elsa fought to control her abilities, but she never felt safe enough to venture out into the real world.

On the summer after her twenty-first birthday, this was no longer an option. Elsa was now of age to inherit the throne. She practiced and tried to prepare herself to follow in her mother and father's footsteps. Despite her fears, the coronation went smoothly; no one seemed to notice her abilities. She was finally able to be in the same room as Anna, and they even spoke. For a moment, Elsa wondered if they could start again, as friends, the way they had once been.

An altercation with Anna that revealed her powers to the kingdom made this no longer an option for Elsa. She fled to the mountains, unaware that she had frozen the Arendelle summer and left her people battling the unexpected winter. Believing that she was free of her responsibilities and safely away from anyone she could hurt, Elsa embraced her powers and first became "the Snow Queen," building herself a palace of ice where she could "rule" over the uninhabited mountain region.

It was only when Anna and Kristoff arrived that Elsa became aware of the destruction her powers had wrought on the kingdom below. Overwhelmed with fear and confusion, she lost control of her powers and accidentally injured Anna--although she did not realize it had happened. After she forced Anna and Kristoff to leave, Hans and several other delegates from the coronation stormed her castle and tried to kill her. She survived, but was captured and returned to Arendelle as a prisoner.

While she waited in a cell, Hans persuaded the other ambassadors to sentence Elsa to death, claiming that Anna had died from a frozen heart. Trapped in the place she associated so many upsetting memories with, her powers began to envelop the castle in ice. Elsa escaped out onto the frozen fjord, trying to return to the mountains, far away from anyone else she could hurt. Hans chased after her, but she pleaded with him to let her go and take care of Anna in her absence.

When he told her that her beloved sister was dead, killed by her hand with her magic, she stopped running. Then Anna ran in, and with her final bit of strength as the ice from her heart spread through her body, she blocked the sword that aimed for Elsa. Anna had become a statue of ice. Elsa realized what had happened and flung herself on the statue, sobbing. Her worst nightmare had come true: Anna was dead, and it was her fault.

But that was not the end. Anna's sacrifice to save her sister provided the act of true love needed to melt the ice in her heart, and she slowly was restored to her senses. It was then that Elsa realized love was the missing thing her life, and it was what she needed to have control over her powers. With her sister at her side, she restored Arendelle from its frozen state. The return of both their queen and the summer provided a catalyst for the people of Arendelle to embrace their new ruler.

From that day, Queen Elsa dedicated her life to the prosperity of her kingdom and subjects. Her relationship with her sister slowly repaired, the two young women learning how to trust each other again after so many years of silence. Elsa happily watched Anna and Kristoff's relationship bloom, and eventually became a happy Aunt Elsa to their little family.

That has changed. Seeds of discontent and distrust were sown in Arendelle, and they have blossomed into fear and hatred from the people towards their queen. Elsa could sense that the unrest was caused by some kind of dark force, but she was unable to repel it or restore the inhabitants of her kingdom. The people she has tried so hard to govern well and protect view her as a monster and a villain. The citizens are in turmoil, fighting both with each other and against each other. Many homes and villages have been destroyed, razed to the ground in conflict. So many lives have been senselessly ended.  It feels like her entire country is in mourning for their lost loved ones.

An attack on the castle, with murderous intent, forced Queen Elsa and her sister's family to flee--but they were not entirely successful. Anna's children and husband were taken, shattering one woman's "happily ever after." In doing so, Elsa's own happiness has been taken. Perhaps the only thing Elsa loved as much as her sister are Anna's dear and sweet children. It pains her to see Anna's sorrow and be unable to do anything about it. She could only be more hurt if Anna had been captured or killed herself.

When the Fairy Godmother appears to her and promises even greater power that she can use to save her kingdom, Elsa accepts without hesitation. As Sailor Snowflake, her typical ice powers are focused and enhanced to fight against these evil villains. She is only too willing to join the other queen and princess soldiers and save their world from darkness.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Astrological Sign - Sagittarius
Favourite Colour - Aqua (It's the colour of Anna's eyes.)
Favourite Food - Chocolate
Least Favourite Food - Gamalost (Norwegian "old cheese")
Best Subject - Geometry
Worst Subject - Theatre
Weak Points - Accepting criticism
Special Skill - Giving the "cold shoulder"
Dream - To see Anna's descendants ascend the throne and rule over Arendelle

Storyline Specific Information:
Helpless Girls (Advanced) - Elsa is 30 (Anna would be 27); 9 years have passed since her coronation. Other sections of her profile that are specific to this storyline are represented in magenta.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Snowflake
Realms of Influence: Frozen ice and snow
Transformation Phrase: "Let the storm rage on!" "Snowflake Princess Power, Make Up!"

Senshi Fuku: In her sailor soldier form, Elsa retains a number of characteristics from her royal attire.

She wears a pale blue bodice covered in iridescent semi-transparent white sequins, in a manner that mimics the bodice of her dress. The bodice has a sweetheart neckline, princess seams, and ends in a v-shape just at the top of her hips. The neckline, princess seams, and the hem of the bodice are edged in white piping. There is white corset-style lacing up the back of the bodice, as well.

Below the bodice she wears a short pleated skirt of pale blue fabric with a satin sheen. From the edge of the bodice, draped over the skirt, are two strands of pearls, looped up at regular intervals around the edge of the bodice. There are similar triple strands of pearls attached separately to each side of the top of the bodice, draped over her shoulders.

In the center of her chest is an ornate, glowing snowflake of jewels and silver. Attached below the snowflake is a shimmering sheer cape that seems inspired by the cape she wears as a queen. It is covered in a more elaborate snowflake design, highlighted with jewels and beads. The cape is gathered over her shoulders in a style that mimics a sailor collar. The cape ends with a long train with a wide snowflake emblem, similar to the cape on her royal gown.

She does not wear gloves, but her arms are covered with long sheer sleeves in a white with a slight blue tint. The sleeves reach her upper arms and end with v-shaped hems covering the tops of her hands. The sleeves are decorated with small twinkling jewels that form abstract snowflake designs.

The high-heeled pumps made of ice are almost identical to her typical footwear, but they are perhaps slightly more ornate in their snowflake adornment. They catch the light like finely cut crystal.

In the center of her forehead is a white snowflake, outlined in silver and flanked on either side by tiny icy blue jewels in a frost-like pattern. This motif forms the tiara of her uniform and is the focal point for her magical energy as a sailor soldier.

Like the other Sailor Princesses, Sailor Snowflake wears a white bodysuit and white elbow-length gloves. Her sailor collar is ice blue, with three white stripes along the edge. The bodysuit has three overlapping petal-like pieces of fabric of sheer ice blue fabric forming each sleeve. In the center of her chest is a heart-shaped brooch of ice blue. Her brooch glimmers with white glitter reflecting a bright haze around the brooch itself. Below the brooch is a sheer silver bow. Her white gloves end with three puffed bands in ice blue. The waistband of her skirt hits just below the natural waist, a defining fold of white fabric attached to the bodysuit. She wears a two-tiered short pleated skirt: the lower layer is silver and the upper layer is ice blue with white glitter, almost like snowfall. A large silver bow with long tails is attached to the waistband, centered at the small of her back. She wears high-heeled pointed-toe pumps made of ice in the same shade as the other blue on her uniform. Above the toe of each shoe is a white snowflake design. There are four horizontal bands of the same transparent ice blue on her legs, the lowest around her ankle and the highest around her mid-calf. Her choker is a simple ice blue ribbon. Her sailor soldier tiara is silver with a white oval-shaped stone in the center. Her hair maintains its typical adornment of snowflakes, along she now has the addition of two clips comprised of three white pearls clipped among her bangs.

Powers: Sailor Snowflake's powers are directly related to the strength of her heart. If she is confused and worried, her attacks will be less effective than if she is confident and trusting.

Sailor Snowflake is able to use "Freezing Fog!" and "Polar Vortex!" upon her contract with the Fairy Godmother. Additional attacks are not yet unlocked for her.

"Freezing Fog!" - With a wave of her hands, Sailor Snowflake conjures icy particles and lowers the temperature of the ambient air. With a flick of her wrist, she sends this magic towards the enemy. This attack directs a blast of sub-zero chilled wind and densely-arranged large water droplets. The water droplets freeze into a thick layer of clear ice that coats the target(s). It can impact one target or up to three targets. The intensity of the impact on the foe will depend on the number of opponents hit. This attack both physically freezes and depletes energy from the target(s). It typically requires heat-based magic to thaw out the impacted parties. This attack is capable of harming allies if not directed appropriately. It is a moderate power level.

"Polar Vortex!" - A gust of frozen wind collects and redirects the damage of an opponent's attack. This can include both physical components that would cause damage, such as rocks or blades, and energy components that would cause harm. The impact of the enemy's attack falls on the enemy's team instead of the intended targets. Attacks that use fire or heat are sometimes unable to be fully redirected, as they weaken the stability of the frozen wind. It is a moderate power level.

"Boreal Avalanche!" - A massive wave of snow crests behind Sailor Snowflake as she summons her attack. Upon calling out "Avalanche", the dense snow tumbles forward onto the target. This attack can impact up to four opponents with equal damage. The opponents are also buried in heavy snow, and it will take time and effort for them to free themselves or others to free them. It is dangerous to use this attack in an enclosed space, because the dense wet snow that it produces occupies space and could form a hazard to allies. It is a moderate to high power level.

"Northern Blizzard!" - Raising her arms to the sky, Sailor Snowflake calls out her attack phrase as light glints from the snowflake crest on her forehead. A swirl of cold air begins to form above her, churning with ice magic as the sky darkens ominously. She throws her arms forward, and the whirling snowstorm unleashes upon her opponents. This attack pummels up to five targets with an equal amount of individual destructive force. The blizzard conditions hold for five minutes after the attack is unleashed, temporarily obscuring vision and potentially creating a slip hazard with the snow and ice. The impact of the initial flurry can force opponents backwards. This attack is draining to conjure multiple times in a row. It is a high power level.

Magical Items:
The Frozen Heart - A delicate silver necklace with a snowflake-shaped charm. The snowflake is decorated with blue and white crystals, and almost appears to be made of ice. At its core it contains a lock of Anna's childhood white hair, from after the incident that caused the rift between the two sisters. This item was given to Elsa by the Fairy Godmother, and it permits her to transform into Sailor Snowflake.

Snowflake Crystal - Elsa's sailor crystal, which resembles an elaborate white snowflake trapped inside of a heart-shaped piece of frosty blue ice.

RP Sample:

Her voice rang out into the still and frosty twilight.

"Snowflake Princess Power, Make Up!"

The intense chill that wrapped around Elsa's body was soothing and familiar. It was so much like the sensation of using her magic, but somehow this felt even more powerful and invigorating. She was truly one with the ice and snow. The flurry of flakes settled to a dispersed cloud around her, and she felt her feet gently touch down on the ground once more. Her eyes opened as though she had awakened afresh after a long and restful sleep.

Sailor Snowflake glanced down at her hands, awed, and saw that her arms were covered with long white gloves. She examined her new uniform, noticing how it had changed from her typical gown and cape. Despite her memories of discomfort and unease in outfits other than the ones she now made for herself with her magic, this she understood as... right. She felt a confidence now that she so rarely felt before, as if this was who she was meant to be.

Wide blue eyes stared up at her Fairy Godmother, almost unable to speak.

"With this power, Snow Queen, you can protect your home. And your family," said her Fairy Godmother.

Memories flashed before her eyes. The shouts of the mob as they stormed the castle echoed in her ears. Her chest tightened with the panic of recalled fear. The look of horror and sorrow on Anna's face when she realized that her husband and children were no longer with them was something that would continue to haunt Elsa's nightmares, and she saw it yet again, reliving that moment with acute sensation. The tears that pooled in her eyes froze into hard rime before they could fall from her face.

Yes. With this new power, she would save her family.
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Elsa / Sailor Snowflake   28th March 2015, 12:26 am

I really love how you described her personality, Elsa is quite an intriguing character, so reading about her in your words was fun! I also liked the RP Sample, and how she feels confidence as a senshi. It made me smile for her hehe xD It will be neat to read more about her in the RPG!



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[Advanced] Senshi - Elsa / Sailor Snowflake

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